‘World’s Most Identical Twins’ Confirm They Are Trying For A Baby With Their Shared Boyfriend Through IVF

The ‘world’s most identical twins’ have revealed that they are considering the idea of getting pregnant by their mutual boyfriend. However, they want to get pregnant at the exact same time so are considering IVF. 

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, from Perth, Australia, have been dubbed the ‘world’s most identical twins’. As well as eating together, sleeping together and going to the toilet together, the twins share a boyfriend of nine years, Ben Bryne, 39.

Instagram: @annalucydecinque

The 34-year-olds appeared on the This Morning show today and shared with the world that they are planning on freezing their eggs at the exact same time and will then try to conceive through IVF. The pair said they want to get pregnant simultaneously so that they can go through the experience together.

Instagram: @annalucydecinque

Lucy said: “We want to experience pregnancy together.

“We want to experience everything in life together. We will die together, we will grow old together, that’s how it’s going to be.”

Anna continued: “We’re looking into IFV, even freezing our eggs at the same time. Who knows what the future holds, but we want to do it together.

“It will be a challenge, but everything in our life is a challenge. We want to be together all the time.”

Instagram: @annalucydecinque

When the identical twins were quizzed on whether or not it would be upsetting if one was to have a boy and the other had a girl, Lucy answered: “As long as they’re happy and healthy.

“All we’ve said is, we’d like to experience pregnancy together. As long as the child is happy and healthy that’s all that matters.”

Instagram: @annalucydecinque

Anna and Lucy live with their boyfriend Ben and their mother. The twins have admitted to sharing a king-sized bed with their mutual partner.

According to the pair, Ben has been able to tell them apart “since day one” and unlike previous partners, doesn’t try to separate the pair. He understands their “bond and closeness”.

Instagram: @annalucydecinque

Lucy said: “He’s been able to tell from day one.

“Our mum can’t tell us apart and even on the phone, he knows.”

Anna added: “The first night we met him, we kissed him, the both of us.”

Instagram: @annalucydecinque

Lucy said: “We were like, ‘We really like this guy, let’s see how it goes’. In the past, we’ve had separate boyfriends and they didn’t understand the bond and our closeness.

“But Ben accepts us for who we are and everything is equal. Other relationships tried to separate us, but Ben treats us equally and there’s no jealousy whatsoever.”

Despite the set up being incredibly unusual, the identical twins have insisted that there are no issues such as jealousy. If anything, they have “double the love”.

Instagram: @annalucydecinque

Lucy explained: “[We’re] never jealous if he kisses Anna he will kiss me straight after and he never separates us.”

Anna went on: “He loves us the way we are. He doesn’t mind that we dress alike, or our quirky habits. He’s our best friend, he’s a keeper.”

Lucy continued: “It’s aways two against one, but he gets double the love and double the attention, twinning is winning.”

Instagram: @annalucydecinque

Although the identical twins can understand why people think their relationship is a little “obsessive”, the sisters have insisted they are happy this way and have chosen this path.

Lucy said: “We shower together. We do makeup together, we go to bed at the same time, we eat together, we’re hungry together.”

Anna added: “We just wanna be the same, it could be obsessive, but it’s just how we want to live our life, we have that sisterly bond.”

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