Worms Is Returning In 2020 With Some Big Changes

Team117 has announced that Worms will be returning in 2020 with some big changes expected. 

The much-loved franchise is returning and was announced through Twitter through a nostalgic teaser trailer that doesn’t give much of well… anything away. However, it’s still lovely to take a chaotic stroll down the Worms memory lane once again.

The tweet also confirmed that the franchise will be coming back in a way that we’ve never seen before, whilst promising “new Worms, new ways to play”.

As we all love Worms, let’s hope that turn-based combat doesn’t change too much, and maintains its original premise. However, new modes and more weapons can’t be bad news.

Credit: Team117

Over the years, Worms has had a few shake-ups to the formula to keep fans interest. Briefly, the franchise abandoned its original 2D roots in favour of a 3D environment back in 2003. Although the younger audiences enjoyed it, many people preferred the old Worms. Well, you can’t please everyone.

The last game in the Worms series was Worms W.M.D which was released in 2016. It returned back to 2D but added some new elements such as vehicles which were a fun touch. Overall, the latest addition was well-received by fans and critics alike.

So far, there’s been no information as to which platform the game will be released on but it is expected to drop this year. It’s likely it will be on current gen-consoles, yet there’s still a chance it could cross-gen at this moment in time. Anyways, the studio promises to let everyone know further info within the upcoming weeks.

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