York Dungeon Name Change ‘Refused’ After Parents Request

York Dungeon Name Change: Representatives have ignored calls from parents who want it to change the name of one of its attractions.
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York Dungeon representatives have ignored calls from parents who want it to change the name of one of its attractions.

The Dick Turpin ride is named after the 18th-century criminal who was executed in 1739 after being found guilty of a number of crimes, such as burglary, stealing horses, and murder.

However, there are calls for it to be renamed Richard Turpin, as some people reportedly feel the current title is ‘inappropriate’.

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Mark Mattinson, the general manager at York Dungeon, has responded to the calls, by saying: “The York Dungeon is renowned for revealing the deepest and darkest secrets of the city’s unique past – whether that includes Dick or not.”

The ride retells the history of the criminal and explains the crimes he committed.

Parents and children are put in a carriage and listen to stories told by a virtual Turpin.

Mattinson went on to add: ‘The character is one of our most frightful foes, and we know how much our guests enjoy interacting with him along with our other rogues and rascals throughout our shows.

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“Our Dick’s back carriage ride is the grand finale of our York Dungeon tour, and thousands of guests have already enjoyed this thrilling end to their visit.

“We were shocked to receive complaints to change his name but despite any potentially rude connotations, we’re here to say that Dick, is here to stay.”

People on social media have reacted to the story, with one tweeting: “The era we live in with all these fairies is scary.”

Another commented: “Instead of trying to change history, chat to your kids about appropriateness. Simple. My kids hear foul language all the time in music etc and never swear.”

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