You Can Get Paid $1,000 If You Can Watch 24 Hours Of True Crime Documentaries Straight

You can now get paid $1,000 if you’re capable of watching 24 hours worth of true crime documentaries. Now before lockdown, this may have seemed impossible but what else have you got to do with all this time?

Turn one of your favourite hobbies and pastimes into something that can give you a bit of extra cash by watching 24 hours worth of true crime documentaries.

MagellanTV, a streaming service that exclusively shows documentaries, has announced it will be holding a competition in which a fan could win $1,000 if they can watch 24 hours of true crime documentaries.

Credit: MagellanTV

The streaming service announced the exciting news through its Twitter page. They captioned the post: “CALLING ALL CRIME JUNKIES!

“We want to PAY one lucky crime lover $1,000 for bingeing 24 hours of crime documentaries STRAIGHT.

“Are you brave enough?”

As well as getting $1,000, the chosen participant will also receive a year free membership to the service, and three-month-long memberships for three of their friends and family.

To complete the task of watching 24 hours worth of true crime documentaries, the person will be given a total of 48 hours. Whilst watching the various documentaries, they will be required to document the experience of what they’re watching on social media, which many of you may do anyway.

In case you’re wondering what it is you would have to watch, then you’ll be assured to know that the 16 different shows have already been selected. From Manson’s Missing Victims and Manson 40 Years Later, there is plenty of interesting true crime documentaries that will explore the infamous criminals.

Credit: MagellanTV

Other types of crime are looked into to, as well as murder. From investigative shows like Undercover Asia to Behind Bars, there is a type of true crime doc to suit everyone.

Unfortunately, only people from the US can apply and those that are, will need to write a short essay.

As well as writing an essay, you will be expected to answer a few basic questions, all of which will help develop into the point as to why you deserve the job the most. Although it isn’t a requirement, it is encouraged that you submit a video of yourself.

To see if you’ll be posting insightful and humorous tweets throughout the experience as you’re required to, it also expected that you provide your various social media accounts. All of this will prove that you are the ideal candidate.

To enter, you will need to be at least 18 years of age or ‘have reached the age of majority under the laws of the state where [they] reside’.

Anyone interested needs to apply before May 4, at 5 pm EST.

If you’re not based in the US but enjoy a true-crime documentary then make sure to watch Missing or Murdered: The Disappearance of Luke Durbin which will air on Channel 5 on Tuesday 28 April at 10 pm.

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