You Can Now Buy Beer Belly Bumbags!

You can buy a beer belly bumbag which is perfect for festivals and a bit of banter!

If you’ve ever looked at your tummy and thought  ‘My God, I’d just love a dad bod…’ now your prayers have been answered – a company has just brought out beer belly bumbags that will give you the illusion of the hot summer body you’ve always dreamed of.

Okay, so you haven’t spent months at the gym for you trim figure to be reversed, but these hilarious bum bags would make a great jokey gift for your pals on their upcoming birthdays or you could even buy one of each from the range to wear on your next big trip with the mates!

The beer belly bumbags are sold on eBay and are limited in stock, so don’t wait too long to get your hands on one.

You can get a whole range of different designs, one that’s smooth and shiny, some with ridiculous amounts of hair and one that’s so flabby, you can’t see the belly button. We’ll leave that image imprinted on your brain.

The beer belly bumbags are designed to sit on the hips and can be fastened at the back by a secure clasp – so they’re perfect for wearing on-the-go, whether it’s sight-seeing or spending a day at the beach.

They also may be a great shout for taking along to some of the upcoming festivals such as Glastonbury, Wireless and Boomtown so that you can keep your essentials close by.

Credit: eBay

Each bag is priced at a reasonable £4.45 including free postage, so when you think about it – it’s a bargain to see the laughs and smiles from passersby when you walk past. Oh, and they are very practical too, of course.

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