You Can Now Buy Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Chunks From Asda For £3.99!

You can now buy Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough chunks to snack on from Asda for £3.99 – it sounds like the perfect nibble to take to the cinema!

Fans have gone absolutely wild after Ben & Jerry’s announced that they’ve launched cookie dough chunks; it’s the perfect treat for those with a sweet tooth!

The supermarket is selling the snack across the UK in 170g bags for £3.99, which means those that absolutely love the ice cream tubs can now tuck into chewy cookie bites that are great to share or keep to yourself.

And before you ask, there’s no hassle involved as they don’t need to be baked – they’re perfect to snack on in their natural form.

Usually, Asda sells 465ml tubs of ice cream for £4.85-£5.00, which means that the bags are actually pricier per 100ml.

However, they might need to be something that snack on for the odd occasion, as each bag contains 666 calories – this is more than a Big Mac!

Last year the product was launched in the US and went down a major success, this then lead to the launch of four other flavours: peanut butter, chocolate chip, half-baked and a vegan version that will feature an almond milk base.

At the time, a Ben & Jerry’s spokesperson said: “We’ve freed the chunks! We know how it goes: sometimes when you’re digging into a pint of ice cream you’re really just chasing those chunks with reckless abandon.

“Go straight for the good stuff with a bag of totally snackable Cookie Dough Chunks!”

The snacks are now available online and in-store across the UK – you should be able to find them in the freezer aisle.

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.