You Can Now Buy CBD Infused Christmas Pudding!

You can now buy a CBD and cannabis terpenes infused Christmas pudding so you can hit the glorious green in the most festive way possible!

Firebox, the online gifting retailer, has released a Christmas pudding with a difference. Infused with CBD and cannabis terpenes, this delicious handmade Christmas pudding is just £9.99 and serves up to one person. It makes the perfect substitute for slaving away in the kitchen after stuffing your face on a Christmas dinner!

Although CBD and cannabis terpenes infused, this Christmas pudding will not make you high this Christmas, perhaps just a little more chilled out than usual. And, of course, it’s 100 percent legal!

Credit: Firebox

The Firebox website description of the product says: “Christmas is stressful at the worst of times. Instead of taking the crazy uncle approach and knocking back the brandy before falling asleep in front of the Queen’s Speech, just treat yourself to one of these CBD infused Christmas puddings.

“Unlike sparking up a spliff at the dinner table, even the most conservative relatives won’t object to you getting a hit of the calming green stuff via this delicious handmade pudding. That’s possibly because it can’t get you high and it’s 100% legal, but the fact that this is the best Christmas pudding we’ve ever had. Seriously, it could give Nigella a run for her money – and we don’t say that lightly.

“Have one of these babies tucked away in the cupboard and you’ll be able to diffuse any Christmas emergency. Extra guest? There’s plenty of pudding to go round! Big row kicking off? CBD to the rescue. Feeling frazzled? Stressed is desserts spelled backwards, bring out the pudding.”

Credit: Firebox

The Christmas pudding is easy to prepare, to steam you will need to put the entire pudding (including the film and cloth) in a steamer and make sure to steam it for 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can also microwave the CBD infused pudding, simply pierce the pudding with a fork twice (whilst leaving the film and cloth on) and place the pudding on a microwavable plate. All you need to do then is microwave for just one minute, this is based on a 750-watt microwave, and the cooking time may vary slightly.

So basically removing any pudding stress as you can dish up this pudding in a jiffy.

Happy Holidaze!

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.