You Can Now Get A ‘Gaming Bed’ Which Has Room For Snacks And Drinks

You can now get the ultimate ‘gaming bed’ which has room for drinks and snacks – meaning you’ll never have to get up again. 

A Japanese firm has created the ultimate gaming bed which has headphone hangers, cup holders and a desk for your PC monitors.

Gaming furniture outfit Bauhette came up with the concept of a gaming bed as they wanted something gamers could use without having to get out of bed.

A spokesperson stated: “I wake up and move from my bed to my desk. Why is that so complicated?

“Gaming beds solve this problem.”

Credit: Bauhette

True to its word, the bed allows users to wake up, switch on their console, grab a snack… all without moving a single inch out of bed.

Of course, to have the ultimate gaming experience you’re going to have to splash the cash. For the basic version of Bauhette’s bed, you’ll need to cough up £470.

Meanwhile, the pricier version is available to purchase for a whopping £820.

Credit: Bauhette

The cot includes a desk, snack drawers, a basket for your controller, a tablet holder and a drinks cabinet with enough room to stock up tons of drinks to last you the night.

With wide frame sections, the contraption is specifically designed to hold instant ramen containers.

For those late-night gaming marathons, Bauhette has even thrown in a large cushion which you can prop yourself up on so you don’t have to put your back out.

If you’ve not noticed, the only thing that this gaming bed doesn’t address is toilet breaks. But we’re sure in the future, the bladder conundrum will be addressed.

In recent years, gaming chairs have become the absolute necessity for avid gamers. With some gaming thrones being kitted out with speakers, extras screens and more, there’s no longer a reason to leave the house.

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Do you have a story for us? If so, email us at [email protected]. All contact will be treated in confidence.