You Can Now Get Doritos Stax And They Look Too Good To Share!

You can now get Doritos Stax, which will make lockdown a whole lot easier when the snacks in the cupboard are becoming old news after pigging on them every day. 

If you love the crunchy yet salty goodness of the tradition Dorito, then you’ll definitely like the sound of Dorito’s last concoction… Dorito Staxs. It’s like Doritos and Pringles have had a lovechild and it’s absolutely delicious.

Snack giant Pepsico announced the launch of Dorito Snax, after wanting to “give shoppers the chance to try something a little less ordinary” and indulge in some “much-needed excitement”.

The 170g cans of Doritos are available to try in three addictive sounding flavours.

For the cheese lovers out there, there’s Ultimate Cheese. For fans of a bit of spice, there’s the Mexican Chilli Salsa. And finally, there’s Sour Cream & Onion – could it be more addictive than Pringles’ version?

If you can’t decide between the three, then why don’t you mix it up a little? Using all three, sprinkle some grated cheddar and dollop on some guac, sour cream and salsa, and then it’s the perfect night in in front of the telly with some nachos.

The 170g cans of Doritos are available to try in three addictive sounding flavours.  

Clafoutie Sintive, marketing director for snacks at parent company Pepsico, said: “Historically, canister snacks is a segment that is shopped by the over 45s, but we want to extend that by targeting a younger audience.

“We know that Doritos appeals to generation Z, a generation that notoriously looks for brands that challenge the status quo, so we’re confident that the launch of Doritos Stax, coupled with our bold flavour choices and the innovative packaging, will bring younger shoppers to this segment.”

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait a little while until they hit the shop shelves. The trio of flavours is expected to turn up in Tesco stores and online around late April, each retailing at £2.50.

During this difficult time, it goes without saying that you must only go and purchase some Doritos Stax when you need to do your next essentials shop, as this is under the coronavirus guidelines.

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