You Can Now Get Fake See-Through T-Shirts That Make It Look Like You Have A Summer Body!

You can now have the summer body you always wanted – or at least let other people think you have it – with fake see-through T-shirts that give off the illusion!

Due to the lockdown and the fact that holidays aren’t going ahead, many people have given up on their diets and gaining their ideal summer bod. Yet as lockdown rules are loosening up, people are terrified of others seeing the pounds they’ve gained. Thankfully, there’s a rather odd solution to this problem.

To give off the illusion you have washboard abs or a large cleavage, you can now get your hands on a T-shirt that others will assume is wet and showing off your enviable body beneath. When really, it’s just a clever effect on a plain white T-shirt.


Designed in Japan, the T-shirt is available on EkodWorks and will set you back ¥3,888 (£28.16).

It might sound pricy for what is essentially a plain white T-shirt, but if you have an ego about your looks to maintain then it’s a whole lot easier then spending the next few weeks sweating and exercising knowing that you have to go back to work and look your best again. After all, you don’t want to have to tell everyone you let yourself go throughout lockdown.


Meanwhile, a few other bizarre products have hit the market in recent months. What springs to mind in particular is the mini hot tub that has been specifically designed for your testicles.

Let’s face it, this is a product that you’re probably the teeniest bit curious about and rightly so, it’s not something you hear of every day.

Despite the fact that men are encouraged to let their testicles swing freely and keep them nice and cool, the brand Testicuzzi believe this is a product that many men have found is missing from their lives.

According to the website, it explains: “This is not a gag gift, it is an actual product, but if you want to buy it for a friend we’ll let you call it a gag gift for men.”

For those interested, you can check out the advert for Testicuzzi below.

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