Baileys Yule Log Is Now Available To Buy At Asda

Baileys Yule Log
Credit: Baileys

Baileys Yule Log is now available to buy at Asda and it looks delicious!

Following last year’s success, the supermarket has reintroduced the festive favourite cake and it costs just £5. 

Serving up to eight people, the yule log is made up of a soft chocolate sponge cake, chocolate flavoured frosting and a coating of milk coating on top. Plus, it has a ‘mask’ of Baileys’ frosting. 

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Baileys Yule Log
The Baileys Yule Log cake is available to buy for just £5 at Asda supermarkets. Credit: Baileys

The top of the cake is adorned with bronze chocolate curls and a Baileys’ plaque. 

Since the yule log’s return has been confirmed on social media, including NewsFoodUK, fans of the Irish cream liqueur have been left buzzing. 

One person said: “I had a bunch last year and they’re so good!”

Pitching in, another fan gushed: “Oh my god I love Baileys. I’ve put on a stone just looking at it!”

“Got one today and the expiry date is at the end of the month,” a third wrote. “I can’t run the risk of it going off can I? It would be a waste. So I’ll just have to go and buy another one, won’t I?”

Tagging a friend, a person commented: “I’ll be getting about five of these for Christmas.”

In time for the festive season, M&S has also been dropping an array of chocolate-flavoured treats. 

Most recently, the store confirmed an enormous foot-long éclair would be on sale.

Available from September 30, the dessert is made up of choux pastry, mouth-watering fresh cream and of course, delectable chocolate fondant on top.

For Colin the Caterpillar fans, the supermarket also announced that a Xmas-themed version would be coming along.

Just like the normal version, the cake is made up of a chocolate sponge roll, a rich filling of chocolate buttercream and of course, a layer of milk chocolate.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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