Zac Efron Ditches Vegan Diet As Body ‘Wasn’t Processing Vegetables’

Zac Efron has ditched his vegan diet after two years as he claims his body 'wasn't able to process vegetables'. 
Credit: Men's Health via YouTube

Zac Efron has ditched his vegan diet after two years as he claims his body ‘wasn’t able to process vegetables’. 

The Hollywood actor, 34, reportedly changed his lifestyle after being inspired by his Down-To-Earth co-host Darin Olien. 

However, when speaking to Men’s Health, it was said he ditched the plant-based diet as his ‘body wanted to go in a different direction’.

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Explaining this, the former High School Musical star said: “I started intermittent fasting just after I stopped being vegan. My body wasn’t processing the vegetables in the right way.

“So, I decided to stop it and try something new. Intermittent fasting has been really helpful with that.”

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Efron also admitted that by being vegan, he could no longer have his favourite dinner.

This is kind of weird, but I really like organ meats. I love liver and onions,” he told Men’s Health. 

Since changing going back to a meat diet, Efron follows a strict eating regime that allows him to break his fast.

He now only tries to eat two meals a day. His first intake comes at around 11am, after his morning cardio workout. This meal includes some bone broth soup and veggies, along with proteins such as elk and chicken.

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Efron will then break his fast for the second time in the evening and will make sure to eat as many carbohydrates as possible.

This includes another serving of meat and something healthy, like sweet potatoes or quinoa.

Despite no longer being vegan, Efron still respects this way of life, commenting: “Morally, of course, I still wish I was vegan.”

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