50 Cent Brutally Responds To Son After He Offers $6,700 To Spend A Day Of His Time With Him

50 Cent has responded to his son after he offered the rapper $6,700 for a day of his time.
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50 Cent has responded to his son after he offered the rapper $6,700 for a day of his time.

The Grammy-award-winning rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is responsible for some of the catchiest songs this century – including ‘In da Club’ and ‘Just A Lit Bit’.

50 Cent has also found success on the small screen with his TV series Power – in which he stars and acts as Executive Producer – with the second and fifth seasons scoring 100 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.

While the ‘Many Men’ rapper is no stranger to feuds – as he previously had beef with Madonna – 50 Cent is currently in an ongoing battle with his own son.

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Marquise Jackson, 26, has come after his father after claiming that the money he was paying his mother in monthly child support was not enough.

In an Instagram post uploaded to his page, Marquise shared a photo of himself sitting on the floor with the word ‘entitled’ spelt out in the background, made up of dollar bills.

In the caption, 50 Cent’s son wrote: “Since y’all think $6,700 is sooo much money someone tell my pops I will pay him $6,700 for just 24hr of his time so we can do everything I ever wanted to do with him as a kid. Red Yellow Green whatever colour he like.”

However, it didn’t take long for 50 Cent to send a subtle response to his son’s demand, by sharing a clip from his show Power.

Marquis Jackson
50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson has called his father out over not spending time with him. Credit: @199viq/Instagram

In the scene, his character Kanan kills his son, along with the caption: “No caption needed.”

Jackson had previously stated that money the ‘Candy Shop’ rapper pays his mother $6,700 a month in child support.

However, he feels that this isn’t ‘substantial’ enough.

Speaking on an Instagram live with Choke No Joke, Jackson stated: “$6700 a month in… New York City, you do the math. 

“You’re talking about a Forbes lister – you’re talking about someone that has problems with everybody – you can’t just live in any neighbourhood, $81k is not a substantial amount of money. You can’t just live anywhere.

“You talking about you got beef with everybody in the industry, you can’t just live anywhere.”


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He then proceeded to ask Choke if he had to restart his life with only $6700 a month, would he be able to do it, to which the host responded by saying yes.

This then prompted Jackson to say: “Choke you gotta stop comparing it, you comparing it to yourself, bro, you’re comparing it to your standard of lifestyle.

“You can’t do that. I know what it feels like to have nothing, alright. I had to rebuild my life over with $6700 a month. $81,000 a year.”

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50 Cent has previously addressed his strained relationship with his son.

Back in 2020, he did an Instagram live with Van Lathan where the Expendables 4 actor explained: “I didn’t think that success would cost me my first-born, but it’s the situation it is. 

“My grandfather used to say, ‘If it rattles like a snake and slithers like a snake, is it a snake or do you need to be bit?’.

“What he keeps saying is, every time you see the boy he show up with somebody you got a problem with. What does that tell you?”

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