Netflix Viewers Recommend Everyone Watches Its Disturbing New Crime Series

A Nearly Normal Family is being raved about by Netflix viewers.
Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers have discovered a disturbing new crime series and they are recommending that everyone should watch it. 

Although it’s supposedly a red flag to sit back and relax watching crime shows, it is undoubtedly a popular genre and there is something about it that just keeps attracting viewers.

This could be down to the massive catalogue of compelling stories that Netflix has available – with the likes of The ImposterMaxine and Take Care of Maya all available on the platform.

But now, subscribers have discovered a new show to indulge in – and they are highly recommending it to other viewers.

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A Nearly Normal Family is an adaptation of the novel by M. T. Edvardsson and it follows a 19-year-old girl who is accused of murdering her boyfriend.

As the investigation goes underway, the image of her perfect family begins to fade as her parents – a lawyer and a priest – begin to find out secrets about each other.

A Nearly Normal Family is directed by Per Hanefjord and when speaking to Netflix, he recalled that from the first moment he encountered the project, he knew it had ‘something at heart’.

“It raises complex issues, offers depth of character, and all the while with engaging suspense,” he said.

A Nearly Normal Family
A Nearly Normal Family has become a hit on Netflix. Credit: Netflix

Despite it being a Swedish-speaking show, it has found huge success and is number two on Netflix’s top 10 TV programmes in the UK – while also scoring an impressive 88% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now viewers have taken to social media to heap praise on A Nearly Normal Family, with one person saying: “Just finished it. It was a really good show! Would highly recommend watching it.”

“I loved this it was a brilliant series!! Love Love Love!! Must watch,” adds someone else.

A third viewer shares: “I watched this dark thriller, it was actually EXCELLENT.

“The ending was brilliant. Then they show what actually happened. Very complex relationships play out in this dark thriller. The main character, the young girl is only 19…I binge-watched it and I never do that!”

Another person comments: “This was fantastic! I binge-watched it last night! I couldn’t shut it off.”

A fifth adds: “This was a bomb show I loved it and had to have subtitles on I was all for it!! Definitely got the point across and ended well.”

A Nearly Normal Family
Viewers have taken to social media to praise A Nearly Normal Family. Credit: Netflix

Speaking with Caledon Books, Edvardsson revealed that the idea for the story came while thinking about his young daughters and them going out with friends when they’re older.

He explained: “I was lying in bed one night trying to fall asleep. I have two daughters, who are three and six years old, and I started to think about 10 years or so when my daughters will be out with friends.

“I think every parent can relate to that fear of not knowing when your child is coming home.

“Then, I imagined my future teen daughter coming home way past midnight and me having the feeling that something is wrong.

“I imagined myself going downstairs into the laundry room to find that my daughter had tried to wash blood off of her clothes.

“I asked myself what I would do. If my daughter was brought in by the police the next morning, accused of murdering a man, what would I say? How would I react? How far would I go in stretching the truth to protect my daughter?”

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Edvardsson then mentioned how his experience of being a high-school teacher for 15 years helped him write A Nearly Normal Family.

He continued: “I know how 18-year-old girls interact – I know their world, and I also know that parents and teenagers do not always share everything with each other. In some extreme cases, it seems they really don’t know each other very well.

“That is one thing I wanted to take a closer look at in this novel: How well do we really know our teenagers?”

Watch the trailer for A Nearly Normal Family below…

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