Air Fryer Inventors Share Secret To Getting Perfect Fries Every Time

Inventors of the air fryer have revealed the secrets to getting perfectly crispy fries, every time.
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The inventors of the air fryer have revealed their secret to getting perfectly crispy fries, every time you cook them.

Anyone with an air fryer will tell you they cannot imagine how they coped before they got one.

The clever little kitchen accessory manages to cook everything until it’s perfectly crispy.

But what’s even more impressive is that they manage to do so with very little oil, keeping your food healthy and great tasting.

However, many of us have struggled to use our air fryers to create the perfect fries… Until now.

The inventors of the air fryer have shared their fry-related secrets, and it has left the internet feeling shaken.

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Air fryers have a lot of benefits – they’re small, portable, and able to cook most things in a pretty much foolproof manner.

Nonetheless, air frying isn’t totally intuitive, and recently, people have been left disgusted after finding out their appliances had a secret compartment that they had never cleaned.

A popular TikTok asks: “How do you clean the top of an air fryer?”

One commenter queries: “Is there a proper way to clean this or should I just pretend I didn’t notice?”

“Clean what? I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t see anything,” one jokes.

“The underside of my air fryer is none of my business,” agrees a second.

While a third laughs: “The underside of my air fryer is not my problem, just like the back of my hair is not my business.”

Air fryer and fries.
The inventors of the air fryer have revealed their secret to getting perfectly crispy fries, every time you cook them. Credit: Alamy

And this week, air fryer fans have been hit with another shocking revelation from the experts over at Philips.

Martin Senders, Philips’ air fryer chef tells Thoughtnova: “There’s no denying that chips – whether chunky, crinkle cut or fries – work brilliantly in the air fryer. However, there’s no reason you can’t improve on a classic.

“From indulgent loaded fries to healthy alternatives, there are dozens of ways to dial up the flavour of your favourite side.”

He then explains his top tips for perfect fries, every single time.

Dry your potatoes

Any excess moisture on the outside of your spuds will create a soggier feeling chip.

Once you’ve sliced your potatoes, pat the outsides with some clean paper towel to ensure you’re achieving maximum crispiness.

Keep it light

While it can be tempting to fill up your air fryer to ensure a healthy harvest of fries, this can actually cause problems.

You want to make sure your fryer isn’t overfilled, allowing for better air circulation and therefore more even cooking.

Go crisscrossed

Having your fries laid out at jaunty angles is another great way to ensure better air circulation. You can fit in more fries while still exposing the majority of their sides this way, too.

Every day really is a school day on the internet!

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