Air Fryer Fans Grossed Out After Finding Hidden Compartment They Never Clean

People have been left grossed out after finding out that their air fryers have a hidden compartment which has never been cleaned. 
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People have been left grossed out after finding out that their air fryers have a hidden compartment which has never been cleaned. 

It’s safe to say that those who have air fryers truly love them.

They’ve revolutionised the way we cook by using only the tiniest amount of oil, yet still making everything deliciously crisp.

However, this week, air fryer fans have made a horrifying discovery.

There’s a sneaky hidden compartment to an air fryer that many users don’t know about – and even more worryingly, don’t keep clean.

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There are many benefits to an air fryer.

They’re small and portable, making them ideal for smaller kitchens.

They also use convection to circulate the hot air, allowing food to become crispy and delicious without the use of excessive oil.

And to make them even more appealing, they use electricity rather than gas, making them better for the planet, and for your energy bills!

However, there is one downside to using an air fryer.

No, it’s not that you won’t be able to stop talking about it – although that is a definite side effect.

The problem is that they’re notoriously tricky to clean.

air fryer
There’s apparently a hidden air fryer compartment people don’t know about. Credit: Alamy

But even if you’re doing the most thorough job of keeping your air fryer clean, a discovery circulating the internet has certain air fryer users feeling nauseated.

TikTokers have taken to the platform to show off a certain section of their air fryer they never knew they had to clean.

Users are removing the tops of their air fryers to discover a truly disgusting compartment underneath.

One popular video on the subject is captioned: “How do you clean the top of an air fryer?”

The video shows them popping off the air fryer’s top to reveal a section packed full of burnt-on grime coating the device’s heating element.

They overlayed the TikTok with text reading: “Is there a proper way to clean this or should I just pretend I didn’t notice?”

@justcleanit How do you clean the top of an airfryer? #cleantok #cleanwithme #cleaningtiktok #helpme #justcleanit ♬ original sound – Just clean it

Luckily, fans were quick to offer their cleaning advice for fellow air fryer enthusiasts.

“Fill the basket ½ way with warm water and lemon juice. Run it until it’s steamy and it all just wipes off and smells great,” offered one.

Another added: “I dismantled mine and cleaned each piece during a 3am breakdown.”

However, other reluctant cleaners had other ideas about their air fryers…

“Clean what? I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t see anything,” one joked.

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“The underside of my air fryer is none of my business,” agreed a second.

While a third laughed: “The underside of my air fryer is not my problem, just like the back of my hair is not my business.”

There was also a third, slightly more serious set of comments about the importance of cleaning out an air fryer.

“Thank god, everyone always makes fun of me for having caught mine on fire,” one wrote.

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