Woman, 20, Dies After Taking Two Bites Of Tiramisu

Anna Bellisario, 20, died after eating two bites of tiramisu. A manslaughter investigation has now been launched.
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A 20-year-old woman tragically died after taking two bites of tiramisu.

Anna Bellisario was reportedly dining with her boyfriend at a fast food restaurant in Milan on January 26 last year when she realised something was very wrong.

She was rushed to hospital but fell into a coma, and tragically passed away.

Now, a manslaughter investigation has been launched to find out how this tragedy occurred.

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Bellisario, who studied fashion design, was reportedly dining with her partner at Milan’s Flower Burger restaurant, a fast food chain.

But after just two bites of her tiramisu dessert, she began to feel extremely ill.

Bellisario had suffered from an extreme allergy to dairy since birth, and had ordered the tiramisu under the assumption it was vegan.

Reportedly, Bellisario had asked for additional confirmation that there was no dairy in her dessert before ordering, knowing the magnitude of the consequences for her if it wasn’t.

The restaurant is believed to have offered Bellisario assurance of the vegan nature of her tiramisu, and so she ordered it and began to eat.

After only two mouthfuls, the 20-year-old immediately knew something was badly wrong.

It transpired that the dessert did, in fact, contain traces of dairy.

Anna Bellisario tragically died after eating two bites of tiramisu. Credit: Alamy

And this was enough to trigger Bellisario’s severe allergic reaction.

The Corriere Della Sera newspaper reports that as soon as Bellisario knew she was having an allergic reaction, she did all the right things.

She first ran to the restaurant’s bathroom to make herself vomit, to remove as much of the allergen from her system as possible.

Reportedly, Bellisario then took the asthma medication and cortisone, which she always carried with her for this very eventuality.

Soon after this, she fell into anaphylactic shock.

Bellisario was rushed to San Raffaele Hospital, where she fell into a coma.

Horrifyingly, she died 10 days later on February 5.

And now, the two women who run the factory that supplied the restaurant are reportedly being investigated for manslaughter.

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The factory supplied food to 63 restaurants at the time of Bellisario’s reaction.

Authorities have allegedly uncovered that an invoice for vegan sweets was confused for one for desserts containing milk, as per the NZ Herald.

Prosecutors Tiziana Siciliano and Luca Gaglio have argued that the death could have been prevented by ensuring a separation of ingredients in the factory.

Using information in part based on wiretaps, the investigating judge Fiammetta Modica has reportedly discovered ‘a worrying picture of unscrupulousness’, as per MailOnline.

Bellisario also suffered from an egg allergy and allegedly, the mayonnaise found in her supposedly vegan sandwich contained traces of egg.

The tiramisu product, Tiramisu Mascherpa, has since been withdrawn from sale.

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