‘New Nostradamus’ Makes Terrifying Prediction – And It’s Just Days Away

A man dubbed the 'new Nostradamus' has terrifyingly claimed that World War III will begin in mere days.
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A man dubbed the ‘new Nostradamus’ has made a terrifying prediction he claims will happen in the coming days. 

Nostradamus was a French astrologer, physician, and reputed seer from the 1500s who allegedly predicted future events.

He never made straightforward predictions, instead writing in verses and using symbolism – which means his alleged prophecies depend on which source or translation you reference.

Nostradamus was a French astrologer, physician, and reputed seer who allegedly made many predictions. Credit: Alamy

Yet it’s widely reported that he predicted the Great Fire of London and the rise of Adolf Hitler, among other historic events.

Although Nostradamus died over 400 years ago, his name and alleged predictions have not been forgotten.

However, a ‘new Nostradamus’ is making headlines – and what he claims will happen is pretty darn bleak.

Nostradamus would make his predictions by writing in verses and using symbolism. Credit: Alamy

Kushal Kumar, from India, claims to be an astrologer who predicts world events.

The alleged prophet’s Medium bio states: “I usually write predictions about nations.”

He reportedly uses the Vedic astrology chart, based on Hindu culture, which is meant to be a ‘map of our karma’ using planetary and star alignment, per Daily Star.

Kumar recently predicted that tensions would rise between Israel and Hamas, both sides of Korea, China and Taiwan, and Russia and NATO.

Some may say this was a rather open and obvious prediction to make, however, the seer’s latest foreshadowing is much more specific.

The ‘new Nostradamus’ has justified his latest claims by citing numerous current and disturbing events.

Kushal Kumar
The ‘new Nostradamus’ has made an incredibly bleak prediction that he claims will happen in days. Credit: LinkedIn

In a post on Medium, Kumar references a recent attack that killed nine Hindu pilgrims in the Himalayas and injured 33 others, as per the BBC.

He cites shots being fired at the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea last week, as reported by the BBC.

The alleged prophet mentions that conflict in Israel has escalated, as Hezbollah forces barraged rockets at the Jewish state following the death of a commander, reports AP News.

Kumar also points out that Russia has been sending warships, including a nuclear submarine, to Havana, reports the BBC.

To top it off, U.S. officials have been left concerned by China administrating war drills off Taiwanese shores, per AP.

Apparently, this may all be building up to everyone’s worst fear.

The ‘new Nostradamus’ has predicted a terrifying future. Credit: Alamy

Kumar claims World War III could begin in mere days: “NOW, Tuesday, 18 June 2024 has the strongest planetary stimulus to trigger WW3.”

He adds that doomsday could also be June 29 – he previously predicted June 10.

The alleged astrologer warns: “So, watch the developing war scenario in hotspots across the globe as days pass by,” while claiming an ‘unintended human error’ could result in a nuclear catastrophe.

While Kumar’s predictions may seem far-fetched, various world leaders have broached the topic.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently warned that the ‘selfishness and hypocrisy of Western countries’ has led to a ‘dangerous turn of events’ – with the world being ‘close to the point of no return,’ as per Newsweek.

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