Anne Hathaway’s Behaviour Slammed As ‘Rude’ As Footage Of Her Interacting With Fans Sparks Debate

Anne Hathaway has been branded 'rude' after footage of her interacting with fans has gone viral. 
Credit: @modestoiiibanzon/TikTok

Anne Hathaway has been branded ‘rude’ after footage of her interacting with fans has gone viral

The way celebrities interact with their fans has always been a contentious issue.

Fans can sometimes really overstep the boundaries, forgetting that the celebs in question have no idea who they are and could even be concerned for their safety.

But it’s still important that a big name shows appreciation for the little people who helped to build their careers.

And this week, a video of Hathaway seemingly acting rather rude and standoffish has left some people feeling frustrated with The Devil Wears Prada actress.

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Hathaway was caught on camera in a resurfaced video from 2022.

In the controversial clip, The Princess Diaries star appears to be rather aloof with her fans, leaving the internet divided.

Some think Hathaway is being rude, while others believe she’s simply establishing a healthy boundary between herself and her adoring crowd.

One fan comments on the video saying: “Rude and fake polite at the same time.”

Another agrees: “My god, someone telling me to calm down in a patronising tone and treating me like a sad little commoner…”

However, another opines: “She’s just a queen with boundaries.”

Someone else adds: “Why [are] you hating? So much negativity here. She handled the situation gracefully and kindly.”

Anne Hathaway interacting with fans.
Anne Hathaway has been branded ‘rude’ after a video of her interacting with fans has gone viral. Credit: @modestoiiibanzon/TikTok

While another continues: “She was not being rude. Anne Hathaway handled the situation beautifully to ensure everyone was treated equally.”

The way Hathaway interacts with her fans has long been a subject of online debate, with the ‘Hathahate’ movement well documented on sites like NME.

The Interstellar actress even addressed the hate she’s received during her career during Elle’s Women in Hollywood event.

She said: “I do my best to not be afraid of what others might say and just focus on enjoying my life.

“When your self-inflicted pain is suddenly somehow amplified back at you at, say, the full volume of the internet… It’s a thing.

“When what happened, happened, I realised I had no desire to have anything to do with this line of energy.

“On any level. I would no longer create art from this place. I would no longer hold space for it, live in fear of it, nor speak its language for any reason.”

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The video that has re-sparked the debate was taken in Italy in 2022.

Hathaway says in the video: “Calm, calm. I cannot take photos with everyone.

“But I will stand here and wave if you would like to take a photo. I cannot sign, there are too many of you, but I want you to have something, so I’ll wave a little bit.”

Hathaway then refuses a picture with a fan, explaining: “I can’t, because then I have to with everyone, there are so many. But thank you so much.”


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