Anti-Hangover Pill Launches In UK After 30 Years Of Research

Anti-Hangover Pill: The tablet is known as Myrkl, which will be supplied by the Swedish manufacturer Myrkle.
Credit: Alamy

A new anti-hangover pill has been released in the UK.

The tablet is known as Myrkl, which will be supplied by the Swedish manufacturer Myrkle, and will only cost £1 for the public to buy.

The supplement was first created by scientist Johan de Faire in 1990 and the company claim it has been perfected after ‘over 30 years of research and design’. 

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Myrkle has explained that the capsule works by breaking down alcohol in the body before reaching the gut, but they have also instructed that two pills should be taken at least an hour before drinking in order for it to be effective.

Dr Dawn Harper, who is best known for appearing on Embarrassing Bodies, has spoken positively about supplements but has also offered some caution for those planning to take them.

She told The Independent: “Where I think Myrkl could be relevant, is for the huge number of moderate drinkers here in the UK.”

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Dr Harper further believes that those who will take it will still feel ‘some absorption and some of that jolliness that you experience when drinking alcohol’. 

However, she advises that people should not just use it as an excuse to just get drunk, by adding: “To be clear, this is not a product for people that want to get drunk. Taking Myrkl prior to alcohol consumption will make getting drunk much more expensive and will take significantly longer.”

At the time of writing, the pill is not available in any retailers or pharmacies and can only be purchased directly through the company’s website where they offer a deal of 30 capsules for £30, which should last for 15 drinking sessions.

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