Unbelievable Video Captured From Plane Is Being Called ‘Best UFO Footage Ever’

An unbelievable video captured from a plane is being called the 'best UFO footage ever'.
Credit: Jorge Arteaga

An unbelievable video captured from a plane is being called the ‘best UFO footage ever’. 

The possibility of life on other planets is certainly something that intrigues a lot of people.

While there have been many alleged sightings over the years, very few have been convincing.

However, we may have just had our clearest piece of evidence yet that could finally prove we are not alone in the universe.

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Pilot Jorge Arteaga has gone viral after sharing footage of something apparently flying past him and the plane he is in.

In the video, a small, dark object can be seen in the distance and it starts moving towards the camera.

As it gets closer, the structure of the unidentified object becomes clearer and appears to be light in colour, pointy at the front and round at the back.

It quickly zooms past the plane before disappearing out of sight.

The footage has been shared all over social media and many people are saying that they believe it is authentic.

'Best UFO sighting'
The unbelievable video captured from a plane is being called the ‘best UFO footage ever’. Credit: Jorge Arteaga

One person writes: “Definitely looks real to me – it’s always difficult to judge the size, possibly the size of a small car.”

In agreement, another adds: “It looked fairly close and that frame let us know it was obviously a metallic object.”

While YouTuber and UFO enthusiast The Hidden Underbelly says: “In this footage we get a clear view of this object and this looks damn good.

“It seems to be a saucer shape craft.”

However, there have been some sceptics, who are insisting it looks more like a drone than a UFO.

“I would guess it’s just flying debris,” comments one user.

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“It looks like a drone,” someone else adds.

Another person explains: “That’s a stationary object like a mylar balloon and the plane is moving quickly past it.”

The pilot has since spoken with Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan to confirm the video’s authenticity and has recalled the moment it flew past him and his co-pilot.

He claimed the mysterious object was initially stationary and appeared to float in the air between Medellín and Santa Fe.

Arteaga reportedly manoeuvred the plane to follow the UFO, claiming that it didn’t look or behave like a balloon, drone or aircraft.

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