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Plus-Size Influencer Demands Free Seats And Bigger Bathrooms On Airlines In Online Petition

A plus-size influencer has demanded free seats and bigger bathrooms on airlines in an online petition. Find out more here...
Credit: @jaebaeofficial/Instagram & @jaebaeofficial/TikTok

A plus-size influencer has demanded free seats and bigger bathrooms on airlines in an online petition.

Jaelynn Chaney, who is based in Vancouver, US, is a lifestyle and travel content creator.

She has a staggering 129,000 TikTok followers and almost 94,000 Instagram followers.

Chaney is now going viral after launching a petition demanding for flights to be more accommodating for plus-sized passengers.

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The content creator has demanded the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) ‘protect plus-size travellers’ on

In its description, the influencer claims that she and her fiancé experienced ‘discrimination and discomfort’ on a recent flight from Pasco to Denver.

Chaney adds that on another flight, she was forced to occupy one seat with immovable armrests and that it caused her ‘pain and bruises’.

She pens: “Being forced to occupy only one seat can result in pain and vulnerability to poor treatment from fellow passengers, including hateful comments, disapproving looks, and even refusal to sit next to them.

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“This mistreatment of plus-size passengers is unacceptable, and it highlights the urgent need for better policies that protect the dignity and rights of all passengers, regardless of size.

“Unfortunately, plus-size passengers often experience discomfort and discrimination when flying. The lack of a uniform customer-of-size airline policy is unacceptable and must be addressed.”

Chaney continues by demanding that the FAA must make all airlines introduce a clear customer-of-size policy that ensures the comfort and wellbeing of all passengers.

This policy should include clear guidelines on accommodating larger passengers, such as providing larger seats, seat belt extenders and offering alternative seating arrangements.


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Chaney then proceeds to list some of the policies that would be needed to accommodate plus-size passengers.

First, the influencer asks for airlines to provide accessible additional seats as all this will ensure flights are as comfortable as possible – along with the option for plus-size passengers to be offered a refund for anyone who purchases additional seats.

Chaney then stresses that there should be clear communication between the airline and its passengers.

She writes: “Airlines must create a set of policies, standards, and procedures for plus-size travellers and communicate them in a clear, accessible, and easy-to-understand way.

“This should include information on booking additional seats, requesting a refund, and what to expect during check-in, boarding, and flight.”

This includes employees having sufficient training so that they can handle ‘sensitive situations’.

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The influencer also calls for all planes to have at least one wheelchair-accessible restroom as it will improve accessibility for ‘passengers of all sizes and abilities’.

She also feels that this would promote a more ‘inclusive and accommodating experience’.

At the time of writing, 5,826 people have signed the petition.

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Speaking to Fox News, Chaney acknowledges that it will be expensive – but feels it would be worth it.

She comments: “However, what is clear is that the mistreatment and discrimination of plus-size travellers is unacceptable and must be addressed.

“The airline industry has a responsibility to provide a safe, comfortable and inclusive environment for all passengers, regardless of their size.”

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