People Have Been Singing A Blink-182 Lyric Wrong And Only Just Realised

People have been singing a Blink-182 lyric wrong and many of them have only just realised.
Credit: Blink 182 via Youtube & Geffen Records

People have been singing a Blink-182 lyric wrong and many of them have only just realised this.

It’s pretty common for people to go through life blissfully unaware that they’re singing the wrong words to some of their favourite songs.

Recently, Lady Gaga fans were stunned to learn they’d been getting words wrong for more than a decade, as were fans of Caribbean rapper Sean Paul.

And now Blink-182 fans are cringing after realising they’ve been doing the same.

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The band’s frontman Mark Hoppus recently took to Twitter to remind fans of the correct lyrics to the band’s hit song, ‘What’s My Age Again?’.

Many fans have been singing the wrong lyrics for years, belting out the line ‘I walk alone to get the feeling right’.

When in fact, the line is actually ‘I wore cologne to get the feeling right’.

The mistake is understandable, given the similarity in sound between ‘wore cologne’ and ‘walk alone’.

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But many expressed their shock and amusement at the revelation, with some admitting they had been singing the wrong lyrics for years.

Hoppus followed up his original tweet by jokingly calling anyone who didn’t know the correct lyrics a ‘fake fan’.

One person tweeted: “When I first heard ‘What’s My Age Again?’, way back, I genuinely thought Mark sang ‘I walk alone, to get the feeling right’.”

Another added: “I always used to think it was ‘walk alone to get the feeling right’.”

“Dude same,” one replied.

Blink-182's Mark Hoppus
People have been singing a Blink-182 lyric wrong and many of them have only just realised this. Credit: @markhoppus/Instagram

A fourth penned: “Sorry but you’re actually gonna ‘walk alone to get to feeling right’.”

Someone else commented: “I ALWAYS THOUGHT THE LYRICS WERE ‘we walked alone to get the feeling right’.”

And then another person thought it was something else altogether, admitting: “STOP WHY DID I THINK IT WAS ‘I WALK ALONG’?”

The discussion has also sparked a debate about the correct pronunciation of the band’s name, with Americans calling them Blink-One-Eighty-Two and Brits opting for Blink-One-Eight-Two.

But that’s a conversation for another time.

The incident highlights the importance of paying attention to lyrics and understanding what they mean.

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While some lyrics are purely for entertainment purposes, others contain important messages that we may miss if we’re not paying attention – and songwriters can take offence.

It’s also a reminder that it’s OK to make mistakes and not know everything, especially when it comes to music lyrics. We’ve all been that guy at a pub quiz.

In fact, misheard lyrics are a common phenomenon, and many fans have created hilarious parodies based on their misinterpretations.

In the end, what matters most is that we enjoy the music we love, whether we know the correct lyrics or not.

Music has the power to bring people together, and that’s something we can all appreciate.

So let’s just keep on singing, whether we’re belting out the right words or not.

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