Sean Paul Doesn’t Actually Say Sean De Paul In His Songs

Sean Paul has revealed that he doesn’t actually say ‘Sean De Paul’ in his songs - and fans can't believe it.
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Sean Paul has revealed that he doesn’t actually say ‘Sean De Paul’ in his songs – and fans can’t believe it.

Many musicians enjoy namechecking themselves in their songs – whether it’s the likes of Jason Derulo, DJ Khaled or Pitbull aka Mr Worldwide.

But it turns out we’ve been hearing one artist’s name wrong this whole time – and it’s the one and only ‘Sean De Paul’.

Now the Jamaican ‘Temperature’ rapper, 50, has finally revealed what he’s actually saying – and it’s blowing people’s minds. 

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User @Santokie89 admitted to his followers that he used to believe Sean Paul was shouting the name of a West Indian cricketer at the start of his songs ‘in a weird tribute’.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul is one of the greatest cricket batsmen of all time, but it still felt unlikely that the ‘Get Busy’ hitmaker would drop a tribute to him in each song.

People actually mocked the idea when it was posted – but they’re not certainly not laughing now.

Breaking down his track ‘Get Busy’ during an interview with Vice, Paul is asked how and why he went from ‘Sean Paul’ to ‘Sean De Paul’ – which is when the shocking truth was revealed.

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He said: “There was a famous cricketer in Trinidad, Shivarine Chanderpaul.

“Everybody was like ‘Chanderpaul’ and yo, that name stuck. And then I just started to say it at shows and met the dude Chanderpaul years later, and he’s like ‘Yo!’

“But yeah, big up to Shivarine Chanderpaul.”

Nope, we had no idea either – but @Santokie89 appeared pretty pleased with himself, vindicated after all these years.

Sean Paul
It turns out Sean Paul wasn’t saying his name at the beginning of his songs after all. Credit: @duttypaul/Instagram

Quoting his original tweet with a video of Paul making the revelation, he wrote: “Omg. Lol I can’t believe this.”

His 2017 tweet was liked just over 1,000 times – his follow-up five years later, however, has already racked up more than 25,000 likes.

As followers quickly rushed to comment on his old, now-proven theory, he replies: “Might be the biggest revelation of 2022.”

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One person hasn’t taken the news too well, tweeting: “I’ve been living a lie for 20 years.”

Another says: “If you’re going to learn one thing today, make it this… mind blown.”

“Wow,” adds a third. “I always thought I heard Chanderpaul. Always felt silly afterwards.”

Another writes: “This is unreal. Like discovering aliens are actually making crop circles. Making me question a lot of things in my life today ngl.”

However, some are claiming to have known all along.

One writes: “YES! Knew it couldn’t just be a coincidence. Amazing.”

A second says: “I used to make this joke at Uni, but it was facts all this time!”

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