Boy Claims He’s Reincarnated And Has Eerily Perfect Memory Of Hollywood Star

A young boy who claims he is reincarnated has an eerily perfect memory of being a Hollywood actor.
Credit: NBC News

A young boy claims he is reincarnated and has an eerily perfect memory of being a Hollywood actor.

Reincarnation is the rebirth of a soul into another body.

In most beliefs, the soul is seen as immortal and the only thing that is perishable is the body. Upon death, the soul is reborn into a baby or animal to live again.

Schoolboy Ryan Hammond believes he was reincarnated and claims to have evidence of his past life.

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Hammond, from Oklahoma, US, detailed his claim to NBC News when he was just 10 years old.

The boy believes he was the actor Marty Martyn, who died nearly 60 years ago, in a previous life.

Hammond says he has vivid memories of working in Hollywood during the 1940s and 1950s and remembers being punched by one of Marilyn Monroe’s bodyguards.

What’s even spookier, perhaps, is that Hammond says he even remembers his death – with his heart ‘exploding’ and heading towards ‘the light’.

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Martyn never made it big during his acting career, with his only notable work coming as a movie extra. 

But he did go on to become successful in Hollywood – working as an agent.

Martyn apparently lived a luxurious lifestyle in New York City, endured four marriages and regularly holidayed in the French capital, Paris.

He died of a brain haemorrhage aged 61 in 1964, 40 years prior to his alleged rebirth.

According to Hammond’s mother, he began talking about his past life around the age of three.

Ryan Hammond
The young boy has claimed he is reincarnated. Credit: NBC News

At first, his parents didn’t believe him, but he would plead with his mother to take him to LA so that he could ‘visit his other family’.

Apparently, Hammond would wake up in the middle of the night shouting ‘action’, as though he was on the set of a Hollywood film.

Starting to believe their son might actually be the reincarnation of Martyn, Hammond’s mum bought a period-correct book about Hollywood from the library.

After looking at the black and white images inside, he identified Some Like It Hot actor George Raft, claiming he ‘did a picture’ with the star.

At six years old, and with his remarkable recollection of events from his alleged past life starting to gather interest, he was introduced to Martyn’s daughter by documentary makers.

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He visited places around Los Angeles that Martyn would often frequent, and the daughter confirmed that Hammond’s memories were correct.

Interestingly, his memory of life as Martyn has become less and less vivid as time goes on, though he apparently still shares some similarities with the actor.

Hammond loves New York and Hollywood movies, just as Martyn did throughout his life.

Child psychiatrist and author, Dr Jim Tucker, believes that Hammond is actually Martyn reincarnated.

One of the chapters in his book, ‘Return to Life’, focuses on Hammond’s case.

Dr Tucker said (via The Sun): “The world just doesn’t work as we think or assume it does.

“The cases I have examined don’t come under a normal explanation of how we perceive the world.”

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