Man Lived For 82 Years Without Ever Knowing What A Woman Looked Like

A man lived for 82 years without ever knowing what a woman looked like.
Credit: Alamy

A man lived for 82 years without ever knowing what a woman looked like.

Mihailo Tolotos was born in 1856.

Unfortunately, his mother died shortly after he was born so he never got to meet her.

He would then become an orphan and be raised by Orthodox Monks at a monastery in Greece on Mount Athos.

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Due to this, Tolotos was living under strict rules – which have been in place for hundreds of years – and must abide by them.

One rule he had to follow was that no women were ever allowed at the monastery.

You would have thought that he could explore local towns where he would have surely seen some women?

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Well, it turns out not, because he never left Mount Athos.

The only way that he knew about women was from texts, books and hearing about them from their friends.

The monks who stayed at Mount Athos after his death believe that Tolotos went throughout his whole life without ever seeing a female.

He died in 1938 at the age of 82.

His death was recognised in a newspaper article which noted that women weren’t the only sight Tolotos had been deprived of throughout his life.

The article states: “Neither had he beheld an automobile, a movie or an aeroplane.”

Mihailo Tolotos
Mihailo Tolotos lived for 82 years without ever knowing what a woman looked like. Credit: @LIHPics/Twitter

He is not the only man in history to have allegedly not seen a woman in his life.

‘The real-life Tarzan’ Ho Van Lang went 40 years without seeing a female.

Along with his brother and dad, he left civilization in 1972 during the Vietnam War.

As captured by Docastaway, Lang has lived the majority of his life in the Vietnam jungle, in the Tay Tra district of Quang Ngai province.

He hunts for prey by any means necessary, eating and living entirely off the wilderness including fruit, honey, monkey, snake, lizard, frog or another creature. 

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When asked if he knew what a female was, he said his father never explained to him what one was.

Even when they lived in the jungle, they only ever saw five people and on each occasion, they ran away and hid.

A man lived for 82 years without ever knowing what a woman looked like. Credit: Alamy

Alvaro Cerezo, who tracked the family down back in 2015, told “They always escaped when they saw people from a distance.

“More surprising still is that today, despite being able to distinguish between men and women, he still doesn’t know the essential difference between them.”

Lang died in 2021 aged 52 from cancer.

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