Inventor Of ‘The Most Painful Torture Device’ Was Also Its First Victim

The inventor of ‘the most painful torture device’ was ironically its first victim.
Credit: Michael Mortola & Dimitris Kamaras via Flickr

The inventor of ‘the most painful torture device’ was ironically its first victim.

Humans are unexplainably fascinated with death and many have questioned what would be the worst way to die. 

Mortician and YouTuber Caitlin Doughty has weighed in on the matter, revealing that one of the worst ways she has heard of is scaphism.

Scaphism is a form of torture that was used in ancient Persia, and it involved a person slowly being eaten alive by insects.

However, perhaps an even worse way to go is now being discussed. 

Learn how the Brazen Bull torture device worked below…

In the 6th century BC, a Greek inventor created the Brazen Bull. 

Essentially, it was a hollow sculpture of a bull, which was made from bronze and fitted with a trapdoor and a set of pipes near the mouth. 

The idea was that if an execution was to take place, the executioner would open the trapdoor and place the accused inside. 

Horrifyingly, a fire would be lit under the bull’s stomach, resulting in the victim being cooked alive. 

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To make it even more disturbing, it is said that the victim’s screams sounded much like a bull when echoing through the torture device. 

Its creator is believed to be Perilaus of Athens and at some point, he apparently presented the device to Phalaris, the ruler of the state of Akragas in modern-day Sicily. 

Believe it or not, Phalaris had a vile reputation to compete with the Brazen Bull, as he was widely known for his cruelty. 

Despite this, it’s believed the ruler didn’t request for such a device to be made – but rather Perilaus wanted to be in his favour by showing it off. 

Brazen Bull
The inventor of ‘the most painful torture device’ was ironically its first victim. Credit: Discovery

Ancient accounts claim that when it was presented to Phalaris, he asked for a demonstration as he wanted to hear how it would sound. 

Disregarding Phalaris’ cruel nature, Perilaus apparently obliged and entered the device. 

However, he was then trapped inside when the leader evilly locked its doors and had a fire lit underneath. 

Although Perilaus is considered to be the device’s first victim, he didn’t die. 

Before he was cooked alive, Phalaris supposedly requested for the inventor to be removed and then ordered that he be taken to the top of a hill and thrown off it. 

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It’s believed the Brazen Bull became a favourite of the malicious leader and he’d throw anyone in it who happened to displease him. 

Many people have taken to social media and branded this particular form of torture the ‘worst’. 

One person writes: “I’ve always thought this to be the worst torture I’ve yet to hear about.”

In agreement, another adds: “The Brazen Bull has gotta be the worst torture device.”

While a third person comments: “Brazen is such a cruel punishment. It is like they are killing you softly for it to make more.”

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