Woman Explains Why Greek Statues Have Such Small Privates

A woman has shared why Greek statues have small manhoods and her explanation has gone viral.
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A woman has explained why Greek statues have small privates. 

If you were to sit down with a history buff, there would be plenty of questions that spring to mind.

When did the Berlin Wall fall? How many wives did Henry VIII have? Why do Greek statues tend to lack in the nether region?

While you’ll have to Google the first two, we do now have an explanation for the latter as ‘history enthusiast’ and TikTok star Ruby Reign has done the digging for us.

Watch as modern-day celebrities are transformed into ancient statues…

The content creator has gone viral after sharing the real reason behind the little appendages with her 131,000 followers.

She captioned the post: “I sound like some kind of wannabe professor but I found this kinda interesting.”

In the video, Ruby says: “Have you ever wondered why so many of the ancient Greek statues have colossal muscular physiques and yet a tiny package?

“Well, I have, so I did some digging.”

And despite the fact that most people nowadays believe bigger is better, it turns out that wasn’t always the case.

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Ruby explains: “What I wasn’t aware of was that the Greeks often presented their enemies, the Egyptians, the satirical creatures, and even fools in comedies as having large appendages – so it was quite a negative thing to have, which is quite different today.

“So actually, what I discovered was that big Ds bad and small Ds good in ancient Greece. But why was this? This is obviously different to today.”

Woman explains why Greek statues have small manhoods.
The woman has gone viral for explaining why Greek statues have small manhoods. Credit: rubysaysstuff@TikTok

Ruby goes on to say that back in Ancient Greek times, there was positive symbolism around those lacking in that department.

She explains: “Turns out that in ancient Greece, having a smaller package was considered a sign of virtue, of civility, or self-control or discipline.

“Meanwhile, having a bigger one was a sign of lustfulness, of gluttonous appetites and barbarism, which is quite interesting because it’s different to today.”

Woman explains why Greek statues have small manhoods.
Ruby Reign’s clip has gone viral on TikTok. Credit: rubysaysstuff@TikTok

Since Ruby’s clip was uploaded, it’s gone on to amass a staggering 3.5 million views and thousands have taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

One viewer jokes: “I was really born in the wrong generation.”

In agreement, another adds: “I think I have Greek genes.”

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While someone else has taken to the comments to say: “That’s pretty average to me.”

“Damn, take me back to those times,” a fourth person comments.

And it’s not just Ruby who is curious about the topic, as there’s actually been a ton of research put into it. references art historian Andrew Lear, who specialises in ancient Greek art and sexuality, on the topic.

It’s believed that if a large manhood represented gluttony, then ‘the conclusion can be drawn that the small, flaccid p***s represented self-control’.

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