‘Brieing’ Is A Bizarre MDMA Trend Among Middle-Aged Women

There's a wild new twist on a dairy classic called 'brieing' and it's a hit with middle-aged women.
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There’s a wild new twist on a dairy classic called ‘brieing’.

You might typically associate illegal drug taking with a younger crowd, but this trend is a hit with middle-aged women in particular.

It’s a highly illegal trend that’s taking the concept of cheese addiction to a whole new level.

Now, we’re not encouraging this wacky cheese-narcotics fusion, but it seems some adventurous souls are using the French delicacy as a vessel for their recreational activities.

Yes, people are wrapping MDMA tabs inside soft, gooey brie for a truly mind-blowing experience.

According to a Vice article, middle-aged women with a penchant for fromage d’Affinois are reportedly trying this foodie-fueled trend as an alternative to less savoury methods.

Cheese and wine nights are about to get even more wild.

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Of course, we must emphasise that MDMA is an illegal controlled substance in most countries, and tampering with it in any form is a serious no-no.

The fact that you’re hiding it inside a slice of brie won’t change its status, so steer clear of this risky endeavour.

One brave woman, who confessed to hosting ‘brieing’ parties, revealed her experience with the unusual trend.

“Our friend had been given a gram of MDMA by her daughter, and we had no idea how to take it,” she told Metro.

“My son suggested swallowing it, so we wrapped the powder in a cigarette paper and hid it in the brie.

“It was such an intense experience that most of us have tried it with other friends – wrapping MDMA in brie seems to be a thing now.”

Consuming MDMA within a block of Brie is a hit with middle-aged women. Credit: Alamy

But hold your cheesy cravings for just a minute.

Mixing drugs and dairy might not be as smooth as you think.

In some cases, smuggled drugs have been found hidden inside cheese in an attempt to outwit authorities, but it rarely succeeds.

So, let’s stick to enjoying cheese the old-fashioned way and leave the illicit adventures to fiction.

By the way, that’s not all the drama cheese is involved in.

In the Netherlands, criminal gangs have been robbing dairy farms, stealing vast quantities of beloved dairy products.

These dairy-nabbing delinquents have farmers quaking in their wellies, fearful of their prized cheese wheels being plundered.

In truth, hiding drugs inside cheese isn’t a novel idea.

Pet owners have been pulling the same trick for years to get their furry friends to take their medicine without suspicion, and so it looks like the cheesy trend has transcended species.

While this whole brieing’ affair might be grabbing attention, let’s not forget that cheese, on its own, can be quite a powerful stimulant.

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Some studies have even shown that cheese activates similar parts of the brain as hard drugs.

There’s also talk of MDMA being researched as a potential ‘love drug’.

Small quantities of the substance might help couples stay connected and reignite the spark of romance.

But for now, let’s keep it legal and enjoy our cheese without any hidden surprises.

So, whether you’re a cheese purist or a curious adventurer, let’s remember that the real pleasure lies in savouring a delicious selection of quality cheeses.

Cheese and good times go hand in hand, no illegal substances are needed.

Maybe, one day, ‘brieing’ will become an unconventional romantic activity – who knows?

But for now, let’s just stick to the traditional joys of cheese, without the illicit add-ons.

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