Girl, 14, Slept For 32 Years And Woke Up As A 46-Year-Old Woman

Karolina Olsson slept for 32 years and woke up as a 46-year-old woman.
Credit: Creative Commons

A 14-year-old girl reportedly slept for 32 years and woke up as a 46-year-old woman. 

Have you ever experienced waking up after a nap, feeling as though you’ve slept for decades?

This feeling is quite common, even if you’ve only dozed off for a couple of hours. However, for Karolina Olsson, the situation was quite different.

Olsson, a woman from Sweden, has earned the nickname of a real-life ‘sleeping beauty’ due to the astonishing stories circulating about her.

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According to reports, she fell asleep at the young age of 14 and astonishingly, she woke up when she was 46 years old.

Many of us may fantasise about getting uninterrupted sleep from time to time, but Olsson’s slumber wasn’t merely a response to a challenging week.

Her extended period of snoozing was much more extraordinary than a simple need for rest.

Olsson was born on 29 October 1861, and she was the only girl among her five siblings. Her early years were spent in a typical family setting until the age of 14.

The teenager’s life took an unexpected turn when she reportedly came home one day with a swollen face and excruciating toothache.

Olsson is believed to have informed her family that she had slipped on ice while crossing a frozen river.

Concerned for her well-being, her parents decided to let her rest and sent her to bed. Little did they realise that the girl would not wake up for 32 years.

Karolina Olsson
Karolina Olsson reportedly woke up a 46-year-old woman. Credit: Creative Commons

Initially, her worried family and neighbours collected enough funds to have a doctor examine Olsson.

However, when all attempts to wake her reportedly proved rather difficult, they resorted to conducting regular checkups to monitor her condition.

As time passed, Olsson’s condition is believed to have remained unaltered, despite attempts to awaken her, including subjecting her to electric currents in the hospital.

Medical experts from various fields were apparently puzzled by her condition, as it was different to the usual understanding of sleeping disorders.

Throughout the years, Olsson’s mother reportedly took the lead in caring for her, however, when her mother passed away in 1905, a housekeeper was appointed to assist in looking after her.

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Three years later, the housekeeper became aware of peculiar sounds coming from Olsson’s room.

In a state of urgency, they hurried upstairs and discovered the now 46-year-old woman staggering around her room, in tears.

Astonishingly, she had no memory of the 32 years she had spent asleep, and her brothers were no longer recognisable to her.

Numerous doctors flocked to test Olsson, and to their surprise, they discovered that apart from some weight loss and her seemingly younger behaviour, Olsson was actually unaffected by the many years she had spent in a horizontal slumber.

After waking up, Olsson reportedly went on to live another 42 years.

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