Horror Movie So ‘Disturbing’ Viewers Walked Out Of Cinema Is Now Streaming

The horror film Men, which is apparently so 'disturbing' that viewers are walking out of the cinema, is now streaming. Read more here...
Credit: A24

A new horror movie so ‘disturbing’ that viewers walked out of the cinema is now streaming.

Last year was huge for the horror genre, with a number of films seeing hugely positive ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

One such film was Terrifier 2, which became a viral sensation and left audiences allegedly throwing up and passing out during screenings.

Now, another movie is producing similarly dramatic reactions from viewers.

Watch the trailer for the ‘disturbing’ horror film below…

Men stars Judy actress Jessie Buckley and No Time To Die star Rory Kinnear.

The film is written and directed by Alex Garland, best known for Ex Machina and Annihilation.

It also comes from A24, the studio behind some of the most critically acclaimed horror films of recent times, such as Midsommar, Hereditary, Tuskand The Lighthouse.

The film made its cinematic debut in May 2022 and was reviewed positively by critics – but left viewers ‘traumatised’.

It follows a woman escaping to the countryside after the death of her husband.

She notices that all the men in the village look like each other, and realises that she is being watched by a mysterious figure.

Many who watched the movie at the cinema claim it is so disturbing that several people could no longer watch and had to leave the theatre.

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One person writes: “If you’re thinking about watching A24’s Men, DON’T bro.

“On my life, I have never seen multiple people walk out of a theatre before.

“If I had the opportunity to capture my face in the last act I would, because I have no words to describe it.”

“Whoever came up with the creepy-as-hell storyline behind Men should be locked up. I’ll never sleep again,” someone else echoed.

Another adds: “I’ve seen a lot of disturbing, horrifying horror movies, but Men really made me want to walk out the theatre from being so disturbed.”

Men is now streaming on Amazon Prime and has quickly attracted a new wave of viewers, some of which have taken to social media to react.

Men, a 2022 horror movie that was making viewers leave the cinema, has been made available to stream. Credit: A24.

One viewer writes: “Men by Alex Garland is pretty insane.”

Someone else says: “Men – absolutely brilliant film! Almost threw up during the final scenes but wow.”

“I had to leave halfway through watching Men,” another fan writes.

“Hands down the scariest thing I’ve ever sat through. I’m scared I’ll have permanent psychological damage after it lol.”

Another adds: “If someone asked me to describe the climax of this movie, I’d just stare at them until my nose starts to bleed.”

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“Why do these A24 motherf*****rs always try to make the weirdest movies possible,” says a fourth.

Someone else expressed: “The most disturbing thing I’ve watched/experienced in a long while.

“I think it’s about grief and abuse, and about a strong woman finding a way to heal severe emotional trauma.

“It’s violent in more ways than one, soul-crushing, and gory as hell. Damn.”

Men is now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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