Terrifier 2 Is So Scary Horror Fans Are Fainting And Walking Out Cinema

The new horror movie Terrifier 2 is so disturbing that people are reportedly fainting, throwing up and walking out of the cinema.
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A new horror movie is so disturbing that people are reportedly fainting, throwing up and walking out of the cinema.

Terrifier 2 follows Art the Clown as he haunts a teenage girl and her brother on Halloween night.

It was recently released in cinemas in the US and currently has a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Since coming out, Terrifier 2 has received heaps of praise with some calling it the ‘best horror movie of the year’.

One fan shared: “Terrifier 2 is now in theatres and it’s likely the bloodiest, bonkers, most brutal horror flick you’ll see all year. An epic 2.5 hours of gory mayhem that annihilates boundaries.

“If you were a fan of the first film, don’t miss your chance to see this on the big screen.”

A second fan added: “Terrifier 2 you have truly outdone yourself.  So much chaos. So much camp. 2022 has been solidified as the greatest year in horror movie history.”

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“I watched this film in theatres last night. Completely sold-out show. Was easily the best horror film I have seen in the last decade. Effects, story, music, actors, everything. Just amazing. Bravo,” expressed another viewer.

Another said: “Terrifier 2 has the most gnarly, gruesome practical effects in years. Casual horror fans should approach with caution, as this one is for the gorehounds.”

However, people are also being warned how disturbing it is with people fainting in the cinema and ambulances being called out to screenings.

One viewer shared a photo of his friend being attended to by medics, along with the caption: “My friend passed out and the theatre called an ambulance. Highly recommended.”

Another individual tweeted: “Holy s***! Terrifier 2 was fantastic! Definitely not for the weak stomachs! Someone actually fainted during my screening of this movie.”

A third viewer added: Terrifier 2 was an amazing gory mess. The guy behind me passed out cold and crashed into my chair, another guy left because he didn’t feel good, I overheard him say and walking out the theatre door I heard a guy puking hard and loud in the bathroom.”

Another said: “Movie-goers are reportedly throwing up at the theatre due to some of the sequences in Terrifier 2. This is seriously one of the best years for horror films ever.”

Steve Barton, one of the producers of Terrifier 2 posted on his Twitter page: “This movie contains scenes of graphic violence and brutal depictions of horror.

“Viewers who are faint of heart, prone to light headaches or have weak stomachs are advised to take extreme caution.

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“There have already been numerous instances of fainting and vomiting in theatres. For those choosing to continue, you have been warned…”

Despite being released in cinemas in the US, it is not expected to have a theatrical release anywhere else in the world.

Terrifier 2 will be made available in the UK on Blu-Ray and DVD on October 24.

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