Bruce Willis’ Daughter Shares Heartbreaking Details About His Condition

Bruce Willis' daughter has given a heartbreaking update on her father's dementia battle.
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Bruce Willis’ daughter has shared heartbreaking details about her father’s condition.

Willis, 68, is a world-famous Hollywood actor that is widely recognised for his iconic roles in blockbuster films like Die Hard and Pulp Fiction.

Last year, The Sixth Sense star’s fans were met with deep sadness when it was announced that he would be retiring from the movie industry after being diagnosed with aphasia, a degenerative brain condition.

Adding to the distressing news, Willis’ family recently provided an update on his health, disclosing that he has also received a diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

Now, the actor’s daughter Tallulah, 29, has shed more light on his ongoing health battle.

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In a personal essay published in Vogue, Tallulah, 29, revealed that she had sensed something was wrong with her father for a long time, but initially attributed his unresponsiveness to ‘Hollywood hearing loss’.

As his condition worsened, she began to blame herself, believing he had lost interest in her after having children with his second wife.

Tallulah also recounted her own struggles with anorexia and how she was wrapped up in her body dysmorphia – unaware of her father’s silent suffering.

It wasn’t until a wedding in the summer of 2021 that she had a painful awakening to the severity of Willis’ condition, realising she would never experience her father’s speech at her own wedding.

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She writes: “Suddenly I realised that I would never get that moment, my dad speaking about me in adulthood at my wedding.

“It was devastating. I left the dinner table, stepped outside, and wept in the bushes.”

Now, Tallulah is focused on cherishing every moment with her father, taking countless photos and saving voicemails as reminders of their bond.

While Willis’ dementia has not affected his mobility, Tallulah acknowledges that his aphasia can shift unpredictably.

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis’ daughter has shared heartbreaking details about her father’s condition. Credit: @demimoore/Instagram

She adds: “I know that trials are looming, that this is the beginning of grief.”

Despite the difficulties, she clings to hopes for their relationship and believes they would be great friends if only there were more time.

Tallulah described Willis’ daily life at home, where he spends time in his office surrounded by his collected ‘knickknacks’ and always playing music.

Throughout her father’s struggles, Tallulah herself has battled with various health and mental health issues, including body image concerns, anorexia, depression, and ADHD.

She opened up about her journey to recovery and how her family intervened and supported her during her lowest points.

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Reflecting on her own experience, Tallulah wonders what might have happened if her father had been fully aware of her struggles.

“If he had understood, [he] might have scooped me up and said, ‘This is ending now’,” she writes.

In June of the previous year, Tallulah experienced a breakup with her fiancé, which led her family to send her to another in-patient facility.

There, she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Though she acknowledges her recovery will likely be lifelong, Tallulah currently feels more present in her life and her relationship with her father.

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