Bruce Willis’ Will Leaves Daughters With Demi Moore Just ‘$1 Million Each’

Bruce Willis' will will leave his three daughters with Demi Moore just ‘$1 million each’. Find out more information here…
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Bruce Willis’ will allegedly says that he will leave his three daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore just ‘$1 million each’.

The iconic actor, 67, is one of Hollywood’s most recognisable actors, having starred in films such as Die Hard and Pulp Fiction.

Willis married Moore, 60, in the late 80s and they went on to have three kids: Rumer, 34, Scout LaRue, 31, and Tallulah, 29.

It’s now been disclosed that Willis is planning to leave his three eldest daughters ‘$1 million each’, which is believed to be barely one per cent of his estimated $250 million fortune.

Find out more about Bruce Willis’ condition below…

The Perfect Stranger star revised his will just days after being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, reports RadarOnline.

Frontotemporal dementia is an uncommon type of dementia, and it can cause problems with behaviour and language, says the NHS website.

The outlet claims Willis wants to ensure that his ‘young family’, which includes his daughters Mabel Ray, 10, and Evelyn Penn, 8, with wife Emma Heming, 44, are ‘taken care of’.

“He believes Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah have gotten the best of what he has to offer financially throughout their lives,” a source adds.

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The outlet says that the Armageddon actor is confident that his three eldest kids are comfortable supporting themselves financially as they have each started to carve out a career.

Rumer is a working actress who stars largely in independent movies, Scout is making a name for herself as a singer-songwriter and she released her debut album in June.

Meanwhile, Tallulah has branched out into the fashion industry.

Willis is reportedly assured that Moore will also be there to help their three daughters.

Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and family
Bruce Willis’ will leave his three eldest daughters with $1 million each, while a majority of his wealth will go to his two youngest children and his current wife. Credit: @demimoore/Instagram

Willis’ fans have been left concerned over the star following recent health updates.

His family has taken to Instagram to say the actor has been diagnosed with dementia while confirming there are currently ‘no treatments’ available.

Over the Christmas holidays, they also took to the platform and said they’re ‘praying for a holiday miracle’.

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However, a source has also told RadarOnline that the A-lister has found a ‘new will to live’ after he found out his eldest daughter Rumer was having her first child.

The news was announced by Moore on Instagram, who wrote: “Entering my hot kooky unhinged grandma era.”

An anonymous insider tells the outlet: “He’s determined to stay coherent and lucid for as long as possible so his grandchild can have some happy memories of a grandfather who was present and active in his or her life.”

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