Woman Who Slept With 122 College Students In Three Weeks Shares How She Did It

Adult star Bonnie Blue made $250,000 after sleeping with 122 college students in three weeks and now she's revealed how she did it.
Credit: @bonnie_blue_xo/Instagram

An adult star who made $250,000 after sleeping with 122 college students in three weeks has revealed how she did it. 

Some people truly go above and beyond when it comes to their job – and one professional who has gone the extra mile is content creator Bonnie Blue.

The adult star is going viral on social media over her bedroom antics and in an interview with IGV, she’s opened up about her achievement, how she feels about the backlash and more…

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Bonnie Blue, which is not her real name, is from Nottingham, UK. She lives in Gold Coast, Australia, where she makes the majority of her content.

She’s currently the talk of the internet after revealing she slept with 122 college students in just three weeks, and people have a lot to say about it.

Bonnie Blue
Bonnie Blue made $250,000 after sleeping with 122 college students in three weeks. Credit: @bonnie_blue_xo/Instagram

One commenter writes: “If she keeps those numbers up, that’s over 3 million a year, doing something most women do for free. Good on her.”

“I mean if that’s how she chooses to exist in this life, more power to her! I don’t get all the shaming. So it’s not everyone’s bag. It’s hers. Let her live her life!” another adds. “How does it affect anyone but her and those she chooses to spend her time with? No one. Live y’all’s own lives and leave others to live theirs.”

A third points out: “Interesting how it’s mostly men who are judging her harshly.”

When it comes to creating adult content and the backlash, Bonnie says anyone considering her job has to have ‘no regrets’.

Bonnie Blue
Bonnie Blue says you need to be ‘prepared for hate’ to work in the adult film industry. Credit: @bonnie_blue_xo/Instagram

She explains: “If you’re going to start in the s** industry, be prepared for hate but do not let that stop you.

“You should never live your life worrying about other people’s opinions and judgment. You will never look back on your life and say you wish you cared more about people’s opinions of you, it’s the complete opposite.”

Bonnie adds that she’s even recommended her line of work to her younger sister, as she wishes she’d ‘started sooner’.

Bonnie Blue
Bonnie Blue’s Spring Breakers content has gone viral. Credit: @bonnie_blue_xo/Instagram

Bonnie is making headlines following her Spring Breakers content series.

Last month, she headed out to Cancún, Mexico, and recorded saucy content with American college students during their spring break.

Spring break is a time when hundreds of thousands of students travel to resort towns in Florida, Mexico, and the Carribean for a week of day drinking and partying, as per HowStuffWorks.

During her time in Mexico, Bonnie was hoping to sleep with 100 spring breakers and make $200,000 – but has since found out she massively surpassed her goal!

Bonnie Blue
Bonnie Blue has revealed how she managed to sleep with so many people in such a short space of time. Credit: @bonnie_blue_xo/Instagram

On creating her iconic Spring Breakers series, Bonnie tells IGV: “I wanted to make realistic and relatable content. Content which isn’t heavily edited and scripted but raw and relatable.

“When you watch a video, to really be able to connect with it you need to be able to imagine yourself in it and that isn’t always possible when you’re watching a heavily scripted p*** scene with an above-average-sized p**is and sculpted body.”

She adds: “Yes I’m money motivated but as long as I’m offering a fun and pleasurable experience the money will just keep increasing.”

But how exactly did Bonnie manage to fit it all into just three weeks?

Bonnie Blue
Bonnie Blue says she would have liked to have been with even more people. Credit: @bonnie_blue_xo/Instagram

She tells IGV: “I filmed on average five scenes a day. After only a few days of being there, I had booked my diary up for the whole of spring break.

“I would give the guys a one-hour slot.”

Although Bonnie surpassed her initial target, she says she wishes she could have gone with more people, adding: “I wanted to see and pleasure as many as possible.”

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Written by Annie Walton Doyle

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