Footage of Cameron Diaz Being Kissed At MTV Awards Is Leaving People Very Uncomfortable

At the MTV Awards in 1995, Cameron Diaz and Chris Isaak exchanged a kiss. The footage is now leaving people cringing.
Credit: MTV

Footage of Cameron Diaz being kissed at an awards show is leaving people very uncomfortable.

The incident resurfaced in a viral TikTok showing the 1995 MTV Movie Awards featuring Diaz, then 22, and singer Chris Isaak, then 38. 

The pair were presenting the year’s ‘Best Kiss’ award, and the nominees were True Lies, Before Sunrise, Natural Born Killers, Speed and Dumb and Dumber.

Jim Carrey, then 33, and Lauren Holly, then 31, took the honour for their smooch in Dumb and Dumber – but not before viewers were left dumbfounded.

While presenting the award, the Charlie’s Angels star was subjected to an awkward advance that she didn’t appear to be interested in.

Watch the awkward moment between Cameron Diaz and Chris Isaak unfold below…

The ‘Somebody’s Crying’ hitmaker put his arm around Diaz’s shoulder and leaned in as she was talking.

Pulling away, Diaz continued with her lines and put her arm up, forming a barrier between herself and Isaak, who then said: “Come here, baby.”

Continuing to lean in, he took hold of one of Diaz’s wrists while she, admirably, continued to introduce the award.

Keeping her eyes on the camera, she explained to the celebrity-filled audience that the kisses nominated for the award had happened ‘on the director’s say so’.

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By this time, her voice was raised as she continued to lean away from Isaak’s cringeworthy advances.

He then said ‘excuse me’ and stood right in front of Diaz, who giggled nervously as he planted a kiss that she could evidently no longer avoid.

The kiss provoked cheers from the crowd – as he said ‘I knew you’d come around’ – while she attempted again to keep the show going.

When Carrey took the stage to collect the ‘Best Kiss’ award alongside Holly – he gave Isaak a taste of his own medicine by forcibly kissing Isaak – which he seemed less than impressed with.

Now, the forgotten-about footage has resurfaced and social media is reacting. 

Jim Carrey kissing Chris Isaak
‘Best Kiss’ award winner Jim Carrey plants a kiss on Chris Isaak following the awkward interaction with Cameron Diaz. Credit: MTV

One person commented on the clip, which has been viewed more than 5 million times: “You can tell in Cameron’s voice she was uncomfortable and frightened. 

“It was difficult to watch.”

Another wrote: “The man laughing in the audience and the woman next to him looking SO uncomfortable speaks volumes.”

A third viewer commented: “You could hear the panic in her voice as she kept repeating herself and getting louder.”

Many assumed that, with it being an award for ‘Best Kiss’, the moment had been scripted and rehearsed.

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However, this has never been confirmed to be the case.

One person said: “Even if it was scripted, it’s normalising s**ual assault.”

When someone asked: “Are these all scripted?” a number of TikTok users replied stating that Diaz ‘did not want that kiss’.

Diaz told Kevin Hart’s talk show, Hart to Heart, that she had quit acting in order to ‘make life manageable’.

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The film star, whose last cinematic role was in 2014’s Annie, explained: “For me, I just really wanted to make my life manageable by me.

“My routine in a day is literally what I can manage to do by myself. 

“It’s the best feeling.”

She added that she realised at 40 years old that the part of her that ‘functioned at a high level wasn’t enough’.

In June 2022, it was announced that Diaz would return to acting by starring alongside Jamie Foxx, 54, in the Netflix action-comedy Back in Action.

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