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Anca Molnar Has Died Aged 35

Anca Molnar Dead: The celebrity makeup artist tragically died at 35.
Credit: @makeup_anca/Instagram

Anca Molnar has tragically died aged just 35.

The celebrity makeup artist, from Timișoara, Romania, was beloved within the industry and had a huge social media following.

After hearing the devastating news of Molnar’s passing, fans and friends have paid tribute.

Anca Molnar
Celebrity makeup artist Anca Molnar has tragically died aged just 35. Credit: @makeup_anca/Instagram

One fan pens: “This is so incredibly sad. RIP beautiful. I hope you can find peace and love wherever you are.”

Another adds: “Smooth road to heaven. Much strength to the family.”

“Sending my deepest condolences,” somebody else writes.

A fourth person says: “Beautiful woman with a bright future and wonderful family, husband and child. Unfortunately gone too soon.”

Anca Molnar
Tributes are pouring in for the celebrity makeup artist and influencer. Credit: @makeup_anca/Instagram

Molnar shared a poignant message with her followers before her tragic passing.

It read: “I came, lived beautifully, and left for another world. I fought as best I knew how and with all my strength… Until the last drop of HOPE.

“I leave my gratitude in my heart for how beautiful my life was, and my smile will remain a testimony that I lived it to the fullest.”

It’s been confirmed that Molnar died from brain cancer after overlooking a common symptom. She received her diagnosis after enduring persistent headaches.

Anca Molnar
Anca Molnar died from brain cancer after ignoring a common symptom. Credit: @makeup_anca/Instagram

“Many different types of primary brain tumors exist. Some brain tumors aren’t cancerous. These are called noncancerous brain tumors or benign brain tumors. Noncancerous brain tumors may grow over time and press on the brain tissue. Other brain tumors are brain cancers, also called malignant brain tumors. Brain cancers may grow quickly. The cancer cells can invade and destroy the brain tissue,” the Mayo Clinic explains.

Johns Hopkins Medicine reports that the most common symptoms include headaches, seizures or convulsions, personality or behavior changes, loss of balance, dizziness or unsteadiness, and difficulting thinking, speaking or finding words, among others.

According to a close friend, the makeup artist dismissed her headaches – a frequent indicator of brain tumors – for a significant period.

“She had been experiencing excruciating headaches more frequently. Initially, she didn’t think much of them, but she found herself struggling to carry out her daily tasks consistently. So, she decided to go for a specialized check-up. She told me she had a brain tumor,” they told local media, per MailOnline.

Anca Molnar
Anca Molnar is survived by her husband Claudiu and their son. Credit: @makeup_anca/Instagram

It was only when the headaches became intensely painful and began to disrupt Molnar’s daily life that she sought medical attention.

Doctors informed the influencer that due to the advanced stage of her tumor, they had limited options for treatment.

According to reports, Molnar traveled to Turkey and underwent brain surgery and rounds of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Initially, the tumor went into remission but devastatingly, a second would emerge shortly after, necessitating another operation.

Molnar reportedly passed away on Tuesday morning. She is survived by her husband Claudiu and their son.

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