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Italian Woman Shares Why You Should Never Have A Cappuccino After Lunch

An Italian woman has shared why you should never have a cappuccino after lunch.
Credit: @the_pastaqueen/TikTok & Alamy

An Italian woman has shared why you should never have a cappuccino after lunch.

It’s no secret that Italians have a deep reverence for their food traditions, and straying from those culinary norms can lead to raised eyebrows or even culinary outrage.

From pizza toppings to pasta preferences, there are certain unwritten rules that locals and food enthusiasts take to heart.

Now, it turns out that this sense of tradition extends to their coffee choices, particularly when it comes to cappuccino.

Nadia Munno, known as the Pasta Queen, recently shared a lighthearted yet informative video on her Instagram and TikTok platforms, offering a ‘Pasta Queen Service Announcement’ regarding the etiquette around cappuccino consumption in Italy.

In the video, Munno humorously expresses her disbelief when offered a cappuccino after a certain time of day, exclaiming: “No, it’s past 12!”

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She then adds: “It’s coffee, it’s frothed milk. It’s good to awaken your senses before 10am – if you really want to push it, 11… but not after 12.”

Munno explains that enjoying a quick espresso is the only acceptable coffee choice after the specified time.

“When you’re eating a meal you’ve got enough going on with all of those great calories and those cheeses,” she says.

Putting her point into context for her American fans, she continues: “It’s like an American having a hotdog for breakfast… I hope nobody has done that before.”

Munno’s explanation aligns with the fact that a significant percentage of adults lack the enzyme required to effectively metabolise lactose present in milk and dairy products.


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Drinking milk-based coffee beverages, such as cappuccino, after a meal can lead to digestive issues and feelings of bloating for many individuals.

The timing guideline helps people avoid potential discomfort associated with dairy digestion.

While this tradition might seem strict, it’s all about preserving the pleasures of the culinary experience.

The joy of a good meal, whether it’s a hearty pasta dish or a cheese-laden creation, should be relished without any unnecessary digestive discomfort.

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In a world where coffee culture varies widely, understanding the cultural context behind such traditions offers a glimpse into the intricacies of daily life in different places.

Munno’s amusing yet insightful video sheds light on the Italian perspective on cappuccino, providing a delightful and informative window into the world of food customs.

So, the next time you’re in Italy and find yourself craving a cappuccino, remember to enjoy it as a breakfast indulgence.

And if you’re offered an espresso later in the day, you’ll now know the cultural reasoning behind the suggestion.

It’s all part of the tapestry of food, drink, and tradition that makes exploring different cultures so enriching.

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