Chris Hemsworth Shares Update With Fans: ‘I’m Not Going To Be Here Forever’

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Chris Hemsworth has shared an update with fans while revealing that he’s ‘not going to be here forever’.

Chris Hemsworth, 39, is an Australian actor known for his portrayal of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

His career has spanned a range of films, showcasing his talent as an action star and his ability to bring depth to his characters, earning him international recognition and acclaim.

However, as he approaches his 40th birthday, the Extraction star has been grappling with existential thoughts and reflecting on his career and life.

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The recent loss of his grandfather, who had Alzheimer’s disease, has made Hemsworth contemplate how he wants to be remembered and the value he wants to contribute to the world.

In his documentary, Limitless, Hemsworth discovered that he carries a gene that increases his risk of developing Alzheimer’s in the future.

Hearing the heartfelt memories of his grandfather at the funeral made him contemplate his own legacy.

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He told GQ: “My uncle specifically said, ‘He’s remembered as a good bloke’. And if he knew, or if someone told him that’s how he would be remembered, how incredibly proud he would feel.

“It made me think about my own life. And it wasn’t about career or anything.

“It was about being remembered as someone who was good and kind and contributed something of value.

“I certainly don’t think about the films I’m going to leave behind and how people are going to remember me in that sense.

“I hope that people think of me fondly and that I was a good person. That I was a good bloke. Like my grandpa.”

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth has shared an update with fans while revealing that he’s ‘not going to be here forever’. Credit: Alamy

Despite approaching the age of 40, Hemsworth doesn’t feel his age and still sees himself as a young person with plenty of time ahead.

However, the realisation that life is finite has started to sink in, leading him to question the direction of his life and the significance of his contributions.

He contemplates the big questions of identity, purpose, and value, recognizing that time is fleeting.

Hemsworth fondly recalls taking his grandfather on a promotional tour for Thor, providing him with luxuries and extras.

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To his delight, his grandfather had the same joyful expression he had when cooking burnt sausages in the backyard, highlighting the simplicity and authenticity that brought true happiness.

This experience emphasised the importance of cherishing every moment and finding significance in the ordinary.

As Hemsworth approaches this milestone birthday, he acknowledges that everything has gained greater importance in his life.

The awareness of life’s impermanence has made him realise the value of the present moment and the need to make the most of the time he has.

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