Chris Hemsworth Shares The Biggest Obstacle Stopping People Getting Into Shape Like Him

Chris Hemsworth has shared the biggest barrier stopping people from getting into shape like him.
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Chris Hemsworth is in pretty enviable shape – but he says there’s one thing stopping others from achieving his musclebound physique.

Thor star Hemsworth, 39, likely benefits from a near-bottomless bank balance and favourable genetics when it comes to keeping fit.

However, most people who desire his film star looks are unlikely to have properly tried to achieve it. 

Becoming a superhero, and indeed looking like one, doesn’t come overnight.

Netflix’s Extraction actor is constantly seeking out ways to improve his health and fitness, which is detailed in his brand new series, Limitless with Chris Hemsworth.

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But, Hemsworth believes there’s a barrier preventing ordinary folk from attaining his physique. 

“That initial motivation, I think,” he told UNILAD

“I was lucky enough to have friends and be in an atmosphere growing up where I was able to partake in a lot of outdoor physical activities.”

Hemsworth added that ‘movement creates the motivation’ and that people shouldn’t ‘sit around and wait for it to happen’.

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He believes taking the first step creates a flow-on effect, eventually leading to a health and fitness ‘addiction’. 

He added: “Once you’ve had a taste of it, it’s very hard to go back and have it any other way.”

While The Avengers star has never been a slouch in the physical fitness department, his personal trainer said that Covid-related lockdowns allowed Hemsworth to focus on his training in a way he hadn’t been able to in previous years.

Last year, Hemsworth’s PT, Luke Zocchi, said: “For this last Thor, Chris is in crazy shape.

Chris Hemsworth in Thor.
Chris Hemsworth has revealed what it takes to attain his physique. Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

“Because of Covid, and ’cause we went into lockdown, and because he’s got this new house with a whole gym, we almost went on a year-long training camp for this role. 

“We went crazy. That’s why you’ll see he’s in the best shape he’s ever been in. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever trained so hard. Our bodies, at the end of it, were almost broken because we went that crazy.”

In his new six-part National Geographic series, Hemsworth takes on a number of difficult challenges hoping to better understand how he can live better, for longer.

He will explore new methods for regenerating damage, maximising strength, building resilience, supercharging memory and confronting mortality.

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A synopsis for the show reads: “What if you could combat ageing and discover the full potential of the human body?

“Global movie star Chris Hemsworth explores this revolutionary idea in the new National Geographic original series Limitless with Chris Hemsworth, created by Darren Aronofsky.

“New scientific research is shattering conventional wisdom about the human body and offering fascinating insights into how we can all unlock our body’s superpowers to fight illness, perform better and even reverse the ageing process.

“This science is put to the test by Hemsworth, who, despite being in peak superhero condition, is on a personal mission to learn how to extend our health, strength and intellect further into our later years.”

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth is available to stream on Disney+.

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