Conspiracy Theorists Are Claiming Total Eclipse Will Start A ‘Massive Human Sacrifice Event’

Conspiracy theorists are making claims that the upcoming eclipse could cause a 'massive human sacrifice event'.
Credit: Alamy & NASA's Scientific Visualisation Studio

Conspiracy theorists are at it again – this time claiming that the upcoming eclipse could cause a ‘massive human sacrifice event’.

A total solar eclipse will occur across certain parts of North America on April 8.

The Moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun and cause a momentary total blackout in locations in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

But, this isn’t just an exciting spectacle for space lovers – conspiracy theorists are now flooding Reddit with a concerning viral hypothesis…

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There are some very real concerns to consider if you’re hoping to enjoy the eclipse on Monday.

NASA advises: “When watching a partial or annular solar eclipse directly with your eyes, you must look through safe solar viewing glasses (‘eclipse glasses’) or a safe handheld solar viewer at all times.

“Eclipse glasses are NOT regular sunglasses; regular sunglasses, no matter how dark, are not safe for viewing the Sun.”

Sky News has also reported other safety issues, including problems on roads, disruptions to flights, and potential food and water shortages.

But aside from these very real problems, there’s another conspiracy theory spreading about the total solar eclipse.

People watching eclipse.
Experts have advised people to wear specialised glasses when watching an eclipse. Credit: Alamy

Taking to the Reddit thread r/conspiracy several months ago, one person explained why they ‘believe they are planning a massive human sacrifice event’.

The reason for their concern is that ‘the line from the solar eclipse of 2017 and the line from the one upcoming on April 8th creates an X, very close to the New Madrid Fault Line’.

The OP says: “If something were to trigger that fault line, something manmade they could make look completely natural, it could mean a serious loss of life disaster for the US.”

They add: “An earthquake on the New Madrid Fault Line could be up to 20 times larger than an earthquake with a SoCal epicentre.”

At this point, it’s worth noting that there is no link between earthquakes and eclipses, as per The Quint World.

Person on computer.
Conspiracy theorists are taking to the web and claiming that the upcoming eclipse could cause a ‘massive human sacrifice event’. Credit: Alamy

They point out that the lines ‘for the Annular Eclipse or ‘Ring Of Fire’ from October of this year and the upcoming Solar eclipse’ create an X which marks a spot on the map.

The ‘X’ marked by this spot is reportedly ‘not far from Tesla’s gigafactory’.

They continue: “Speaking of X, Elon Musk changes Twitter‘s name to X. His baby’s mother, Grimes, posted a strange image on Instagram before [the pandemic] that told us [it] was going to happen, all the way down to the three injections. In that same image, a few rows beneath the Covid ‘prediction’ is a solar eclipse.”

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Concluding the post, they add: “That is way too many coincidences for me to feel comfortable, along with the Deagel projection of a 225 Million person decrease in the US by 2025.

“It would appear some massive sacrifice could possibly be in the works, I’m quite certain they all have some bunker or safe spot away from the damage.

“There’s being paranoid, and there’s knowing how blatant and aggressive they are with the symbolism. I urge everyone to find a place to be out of harm’s way on the 8th of April, we can not trust these psychopaths.

“Reddit’s truth suppression bots will attack and call me crazy and that’ll be further validation that there’s something here.”

Of course, all this is absolute nonsense and is just humans trying to find a pattern in something that simply isn’t there.

But it looks as though certain conspiracy theorists are on board with the OP…

Total solar eclipse.
A total solar eclipse will occur across certain parts of North America on April 8. Credit: Alamy

In agreement, one writes: “I truly believe there is something big about to happen and you can feel it.”

“Wow I think you might be onto something,” comments another.

InfoWars host Alex Jones has been spending the past few weeks ranting on X about the upcoming eclipse.

Just last week, he posted a clip with the caption: “Major Events Surrounding The April 8th Solar Eclipse. Masonic rituals planned worldwide to usher in New World Order.”

Mike Rothschild, author of ‘The Storm Is Upon Us: How QAnon Became a Movement, Cult, and Conspiracy Theory of Everything’, tells Rolling Stone: “It all feels very similar to the same run of conspiracy theories we had with stuff like the four blood moons and the September 23rd apocalypse and other pseudoscience nonsense.

“Basically, a common event is imbued with cosmic significance, then totally forgotten when nothing happens.”

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