You Have A High IQ If You Can Spot Hidden Tiger In Jungle Photo In Just 12 Seconds

A photo of a tiger hiding in the jungle has gone viral on social media - apparently, if you spot it quickly it indicates a high IQ!
Credit: Reddit

A photo of a tiger hiding in the jungle has gone viral on social media – apparently, if you spot it quickly it indicates a high IQ!

Cognitive challenges which involve people finding hidden objects within complex images are taking the internet by storm.

Previously, everyone was puzzled by a mind-bending image of a snow leopard, as nobody could spot it.

And now, a brand new image has left the internet baffled.

Tiger in the jungle
People are struggling to spot the tiger hiding in this jungle photo. Credit: Reddit

With the photo shown above, the premise is simple: a tiger is concealed within a dense jungle scene, and your task is to locate it in just 12 seconds.

If you can do this successfully, it’s a strong indicator that you possess exceptional perceptual abilities.

So… can you spot the tiger?

It’s safe to say that people have gone wild for the challenge, with one boasting: “Got it in 7!”

A second says: “5 seconds.”

“It’s hiding behind John Cena, right there!” jokes a third.

Not everyone has found the challenge so easy, with some taking to the comments and asking for help.

“Okay, put me out of my misery. Where is it hiding?” one person asks.

Another adds: “Even after ten hours I still don’t see it.”

Tiger in the jungle.
If you can spot the tiger quickly, it apparently indicates you have a high IQ. Credit: Reddit

Imagine finding yourself in a dense jungle with only 12 seconds to locate a hidden tiger before it pounces.

Your survival hinges on your ability to spot the animal in time.

If you succeed, you’ll either dodge its attack or dissuade it with direct eye contact, making it reconsider its ambush.

This scenario isn’t one you’d want to test in reality, but maintaining eye contact might be your best bet if you ever face such a situation.

Tiger in the jungle.
The challenge involves identifying what is out of the ordinary. Credit: Reddit

If you spot the tiger quickly, it supposedly indicates you have a high IQ and sharp vision.

The Sun explains: “Your eyes need to be able to differentiate seeing something out of the ordinary in this challenge.

“If you have a sharp brain, this will not prove difficult as you will be able to piece together all the information you’re seeing.”

You may spot the tiger immediately or need to scrutinize every part of the image – either way, the test is really about detecting unusual details and rapidly figuring out their significance.

So, where exactly is the tiger hiding?

If you look below the central tree, the animal can be seen crouching in the greenery.

Tiger in the jungle.
The tiger’s head can be seen peaking out below the tree trunk. Credit: Reddit

Did you spot the tiger? Let us know in the comments.

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