Sesame Street Fans Gobsmacked By Cookie Monster’s Real Name

Sesame Street fans are gobsmacked after finding out what Cookie Monster's real name is.
Credit: Cookie Monster via Facebook

Sesame Street fans are gobsmacked after finding out what Cookie Monster’s real name is.

The blue and furry character first made his debut on the iconic children’s show back in 1969 and he quickly became a fan favourite due to his obsession with cookies. 

But despite being so popular, not many fans know much about Cookie Monster’s background, with some not knowing his real name… until now.

Watch the Cookie Monster sing ‘The First Time Me Eat Cookie’ below…

So on October 13, Cookie Monster took to his official account – where he has over 600,000 followers – and tweetedDid you know me name is Sid? But me still like to be called Cookie Monster.”

This statement surprised some fans, with one replying: “I’ve known you for 45 years and am just learning this today. This is amazing.”

Another person commented: “I am sorry – I grew up with Cookie Monster. There will be no name changes. Nomming cookies isn’t the same with Sid.”

“I’ll never look at my childhood the same again now,” a third fan shared. 

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A fourth viewer commented: “My whole life is a lie I can’t breathe.”

Another fan added: “This is shocking, and quite frankly a little life-changing Sid!”

Despite having hundreds of shocked responses, some fans said that this is not new information, as the Cookie Monster’s real name was confirmed in a 2004 episode of Sesame Street.

In a song called ‘The First Time Me Eat Cookie’, the character explained: “In fact, back then, me think me name was Sid.” 

One fan posted: “Cookie Monster’s given name is Sid he says that was his name before he ate cookies in the ‘first time me had a cookie’ song.”

Cookie Monster's name tweet.
Sesame Street fans are gobsmacked after finding out what Cookie Monster’s real name is. Credit: @MeCookieMonster/Twitter

Another viewer added: “I did… you once sang about it.”

A third fan commented: “Wait… This actually was mentioned in the show, many years ago, right?  This rings so familiar…”

“I remembered this but forgot I knew this until you reminded me,” another viewer added.

Cookie Monster’s 2004 song was not the only instance when his real name was mentioned.

The character announced everyone had been calling him by his nickname via the show’s official Twitter back in 2010.

The blue, furry monster was quoted as saying: “Me don’t remember me real name… maybe it was Sidney?”

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Cookie Monster’s real name isn’t the only thing to have been revealed from his Twitter page, as he also posted on that his birthday is on November 2. This is actually a celebrated holiday, titled Cookie Monster Day.

The Jim Henson puppet also takes to the social media platform to share his innermost thoughts, which are unsurprisingly mostly about cookies.

Recently, he tweeted: “Me need a costume to go trick-or-treating?! Me already a monster.”

In another, he said: “There is more to life than cookies, but cookies are still big part of it.”

While a third read: “Sometimes me like to lay in da sun to know what it feels like to be a cookie in da oven.”

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