Danielle Lloyd Joined OnlyFans After Having Five Kids And Raked In £90,000 A Month

Credit: @missdlloyd/Instagram

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Danielle Lloyd has opened up about life as an OnlyFans model – from bizarre requests to common misconceptions about the platform.

The former Miss Great Britain, 39, made a whopping £90,000 a month on the platform.

Lloyd decided to get in on the action after her mainstream modelling career ended following the births of her five children.

Before long, the ex-Celebrity Big Brother contestant was in the top 3 per cent of earners on the site.

Lloyd says that while the platform is ‘not all porn’ and is used by influencers of all kinds, she has had some pretty ‘extreme’ sexual requests.

Danielle Lloyd
Danielle Lloyd has opened up about life as an OnlyFans model. Credit: @missdlloyd/Instagram

She told It’s Gone Viral: “There are some really strange requests on there. 

“People love to see your feet, which I think is really random. I don’t really like feet myself.

“And you do get the odd one on there asking for extreme stuff, which I don’t tend to do. 

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“I used to have this guy that followed me, he used to send me pictures of himself in women’s underwear.

“And then he wanted me to send him some of my underwear so he could send me a picture wearing it … with his willy poking out the side of the knickers! 

“It was really strange.”

Danielle Lloyd
The model says it makes her ‘feel good’. Credit: Credit: @missdlloyd/Instagram

Despite having faced some backlash over her use of the site, Lloyd says she ‘doesn’t see anything wrong’ with it and added that it makes her ‘feel good’ about herself. 

“I’d say that my OnlyFans page is sexy. Underwear,” she added.

“Nothing that I haven’t done in the past with my glamour modelling career.

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“It makes me feel good about myself. It’s nice to get compliments. It makes me feel more feminine and sexy. 

“It’s nice to get dressed up, and my husband likes it too.

“I think my mum and dad were quite shocked at first because obviously, I think OnlyFans – the name – is associated with something quite seedy when it doesn’t have to be. 

“There are so many creators on there now making so many accounts for different things like fitness and makeup and stuff.”


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