Death Row Killer Used Final Words To Send Chilling Message To His Wife

A death row killer named Tracy Beatty used his final words before his execution to share a terrifying message with his wife.
Credit: Texas Department of Criminal Justice & CBS19 KYTX

A death row killer named Tracy Beatty used his final words before his execution to share a chilling message with his wife.

There’s just something about a killer’s final words that fascinates us.

Whether it’s the man who was pleading with authorities right up until the final moment, the man who made a chilling reference to the Grim Reaper, or the man who shared a cryptic three-word message with his family, many of those on death row use their final utterances to make a statement.

But the latest killer whose last words have gone viral might just be the creepiest utterance yet.

Beatty’s final words contained a horrifying warning to his wife – and they have made the internet’s blood run cold…

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Tracy Beatty, 61, was found guilty of murdering his mother, Carolyn Click, back in 2003.

He strangled his mum in her East Texas mobile home in November 2003 after an argument got out of hand.

Chillingly, Beatty then buried his mother’s body beside her mobile home. He then blew the remainder of Click’s savings on drugs and alcohol.

As per the New York Post, the mother and son had a ‘volatile and combative relationship’, prosecutors said.

Carolyn Click
Tracy Beatty murdered his mother, Carolyn Click (as pictured above), in 2003. Credit: CBS19 KYTX

Click even said he once had ‘beaten her so severely that he had left her for dead’, their neighbour, Lieanna Wilkerson, testified.

“Several times [Beatty] had said he just wanted to shut her up, that he just wanted to choke her and shut her up,” Wilkerson continued.

After Beatty was sentenced, his lawyers appealed the death penalty, citing one expert’s opinion that the murderer was ‘clearly psychotic and has a complex paranoid delusional belief system’.

He thought there was a ‘vast conspiracy of correctional officers who… ‘torture’ him via a device in his ear so he can hear their menacing voices’, as per the Daily Star.

However, these appeals were in vain, and Beatty was executed in November of 2022.

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But it was Beatty’s final words to his wife that truly terrified the internet.

The killer reportedly began sobbing and could barely speak. He was strapped to a gurney before being asked about any final words.

Beatty addressed his fellow death row inmates, even calling some of them out by name.

“I love you, brothers,” he said. “See you on the other side.”

He also offered words of gratitude, saying: “Thank you to all my brothers back on the unit for all the encouragement to help get my life right.”

But Beatty’s final utterance was to his wife.

“I just want to thank you,” Beatty said directly to her, as she watched from the viewing room behind glass.

“I don’t want you leave you, baby. See you when you get there. I love you.”

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