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Disney World Customer Slammed For Refusing To Tip On ‘Outrageous’ Food Bill

A Disney World customer is being slammed on social media after refusing to tip on a food bill. 
Credit: @smartmomsplandisney/Instagram

A Disney World customer is being slammed on social media for refusing to leave a tip on an ‘outrageous’ food bill. 

Walt Disney World Resort is based in Florida, US, and it boasts 173 rides and more than 200 places to eat.

There are a ton of different restaurants and food stands for visitors to try out on the sites, from Casey’s Corner to the Be Our Guest restaurant.

However, one mum is now going viral for refusing to tip on an expensive meal at one of the resort’s restaurants.

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LJ Johnson is a self-proclaimed ‘Disney expert’ and boasts a staggering 170,000 followers on Instagram.

She runs a website called, where she has tons of advice for Disney guests.

So when people found out that she refused to tip, it left her followers pretty surprised.

Although it’s not mandatory to tip in the US, it’s often expected from diners, according to Travel Insider.

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On average, it’s expected that customers tip 15 to 20% of the total meal cost – with 25% expected for an excellent meal and service.

After dining at Disney’s Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria, Johnson took to Instagram to share the huge bill for the meal.

It reveals that she ordered a pizza topped with pepperoni, red peppers, olives, mushrooms, and onions.

The mum's Disney food bill.
The Disney World customer is being slammed on social media after refusing to tip on the ‘outrageous’ food bill. Credit: Screenshot via Reddit

In total, the meal cost her a whopping $45.05.

“OK. I totally read the menu wrong, I had no idea I was ordering a $50 pizza,” Johnson captioned the post.

A screenshot of the receipt shows that she left a message for her server, in which she says she won’t be leaving a tip.

It reads: “Sorry not to tip but this price is outrageous.”

According to, Johnson allegedly launched a GoFundMe account to recoup the price of her lunch.

Following criticism, she disabled the page and went on to say that it was launched as a joke.

However, Johnson reportedly went on to defend her decision to not tip the server.

She allegedly claimed that she also didn’t tip the waiter because she had a bad experience at the restaurant.

Apparently, the server only came over to her table when taking her order, delivering her food and collecting her plates.

She reportedly also claimed that the waiter didn’t come over and check on how she was doing and recommended the expensive pizza option to her.

The mum's Disney food bill.
The mum is facing a ton of backlash on Reddit. Credit: Screenshot via Reddit

On Reddit, she’s now facing a backlash from users, with many people branding her behaviour ‘unacceptable’.

In the comments, one person says: “Does anyone follow LJ @smartmomsplandisney?

“She didn’t tip the server at Via Napoli because she didn’t read the menu and ordered a $24 pizza with $23 worth of toppings.”

In response, someone comments: “Not cool at all…”

Another wrote: “At least she should have given $5. Would have been a bad tip but at least something.

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“I’ve never even given even the worst server $0.”

A fourth agreed, writing: “I don’t follow her, but it’s gross that she didn’t tip.”

“Wow. That’s just totally unacceptable,” someone else remarked.

Another said: “You’d think for an account named ‘smartmomsplandisney’, she would’ve planned her meal out better.

“How are you gonna plan a theme park vacation when you’re having trouble with the menu?”

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