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Waitress’ Paycheck After Six Weeks Of Work Goes Viral

A waitress' paycheck after six weeks of work has gone viral. 
Credit: @lvndsmac/TikTok

A waitress’ paycheck after six weeks of work has gone viral. 

The server, who is known only as Liny, recently took to TikTok and claimed that, after taxes – including Medicare – she only got paid $0.01.

She captioned the post: “The f*** I’m gonna do with one penny Steven!”

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The waitress has gone viral after sharing her paycheck from six weeks of work. Credit: @lvndsmac/TikTok

Over in the video, the 25-year-old added: “Life of a server… this is 6 weeks of ‘pay’. Tip your servers!!!”

Liny, who is believed to be from Tenessee, has now had her post viewed over 1.9million times, but many have taken to the comments to admit they weren’t left feeling sympathetic.

One viewer said: “It’s not my job to pay your bills. I got my own.”

Another added: “I am tired of the entitled attitudes of servers. Too many think tips are automatic, no matter how bad the service.”

“Tipping is optional, based on service quality,” a third commented. “I go to have a nice evening with my guy, not ‘I have to help pay her bills’.”

Pitching in, a fourth wrote: “Or, your employee should pay you a fair living wage. This isn’t the Great Depression.”

@lvndsmacTHE FUCK IMA DO WITH ONE PENNY STEVEN!!!!!!! ##serverlife ##serverlife ##bigballing ##IDeserveTuitionContest ##fyp ##fypシ♬ The Way I Live – Baby Boy da Prince

However, many people agreed with Liny and argued that people ‘need to tip’.

One person penned: “This comment section is so disappointing. Everyone who is saying get a better job, I hope you get your service refused by a server.”

In agreement, a second said: “A lot of big broke energy.”

While a third commented: “As a server, we truly live off our tips.”

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