Domino’s Worker Leaves People Gobsmacked After Sharing How Much She Makes In Tips A Night

A Domino’s worker has stunned followers after sharing how much she makes in tips.
Credit: @allison_green0/TikTok

A Domino’s worker has stunned followers after sharing how much she can make in tips a night. 

Allison (@allison_green0) is going viral on TikTok after breaking down how much money she received from her delivery work on a typical evening.

On average, Domino’s delivery drivers are paid around $17 per hour, with tips topping up their salaries, reports

And while you might think generosity was at its peak during December – Allison left people gobsmacked when she revealed exactly how much she’d been tipped in a night.

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The delivery driver says she had delivered pizza to 11 different households and had received a wide variety of different tips.

On Allison’s first delivery, the price of which came to $50, she was told to keep the $3.83 change by the customer. 

And if you think that’s tight, on her next delivery of $36, she didn’t get any tip at all.

Allison’s biggest tip came later in the evening with a little over $10 – but that was an outlier as again, a fair few didn’t provide her with any tip at all.

Over the course of her 11 deliveries, the employee made $13 in cash and $42.29 on card – which averages out at just over $5.03 per household.

She adds in the video that she does not count her reimbursement for petrol as a tip.

@allison_green0 What I make in a night #fypシ #dominospizza #dominosdeliverydriver #whatimakeinanight ♬ original sound – its_allison

Allison finishes the video by saying: “It’s not terrible for a Monday, but it could be better – but it’s not terrible!”

The TikToker’s video has racked up more than 810,000 views, 60,000 likes and 8,000 comments.

Many viewers have taken to the comments and said they can’t believe how little she can earn in tips while questioning those who didn’t give her anything at all.

One person writes: “I can’t believe people don’t tip.”

Another says: “2/11 gave no tips? I feel like those customers should be tracked. After five no-tip orders they get banned lol.”

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While a third adds: “I’m sorry that some people are so cheap.”

“I don’t understand how people can be OK with not tipping,” comments a fourth.

Someone else says: “People should be tipping 5 dollars at least.”

Others are taking to the comments and praising Allison’s positive attitude in the video, despite not making as much as she would have hoped.

One viewer comments: “You have such a positive attitude! I hope your manager appreciates you.”

“You have an outstanding attitude,” another agrees. “Not boring at all, 10/10 delivery driver positivity!”

A third person remarks: “Your positive attitude is unmatched.”

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