Dua Lipa Fans Spot Embarrassing Mistake As She Posts Video ‘Grilling’ Shrimp On Barbecue

Dua Lipa is being mocked by fans after they spotted an embarrassing detail in the pop star's cooking shrimp video.
Credit: @dualipa/Instagram

The ‘Dance The Night’ singer is being mocked on social media after fans spotted an embarrassing mistake in a video she shared of herself ‘grilling’ shrimp on a barbecue. 

Dua Lipa, 28, is one of the world’s biggest pop stars and is known for hit tracks such as ‘One Kiss’, ‘New Rules’ and ‘Levitating’.

Throughout her career, the ‘Be the One’ has received numerous awards, including six Brits, three Grammys and two Guinness World Records.

Both of Lipa’s albums are the most-streamed female albums on Spotify, with over 10 million streams each.

Lipa often takes to social media and shares glimpses into her life with her followers – and her latest video has caused a stir.

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The pop star recently took to Instagram and shared a clip of herself throwing a shrimp on the barbie while wearing a strapless mini dress and headband.

In the footage, a plate stacked highly with sweetcorn is next to her. On the barbeque itself is a load of prawns and the singer is flipping them on the grill with tongs.

Although nothing may seem out of the ordinary with this, something isn’t right.

Dua Lipa barbequing.
Dua Lipa fans have spotted an issue with this video of the pop star ‘grilling’ shrimp. Credit: @dualipa/Instagram

Some of you are probably thinking, maybe she should have cooked on gas instead of charcoal. Nope – charcoal is better.

Others may say that the shrimp doesn’t look like it’s been seasoned and that maybe she should have tossed some smoked paprika on it. But this isn’t the issue either.

Some eagle-eyed fans have scrutinised the video and are convinced that for some bizarre reason, the barbeque hasn’t even been switched on.

This would mean that the clip has probably been staged for Instagram.

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Pointing out the error in the comments, one fan wrote: “Doesn’t even look like there’s fire under it, they really could’ve staged it better.”

A second said: “Flipping a shrimp that’s not even cooking is crazy.”

While another person commented: “I don’t hear anything sizzling.”

“It’s cooking in the sun, give it time,” joked a fourth follower.

The drama comes as Lipa continues her relationship with 42-year-old music video director Romain Garvas.

The couple began their relationship earlier this year, with the two first being spotted together leaving Saint Laurent Paris Fashion Week.

In recent weeks, the pair have been off on a romantic holiday together and they’ve been snapped enjoying a meal at Juntos House restaurant, alongside Lipa’s parents Anesa and father Dukagjin.

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