Elsa Jean Says Uncle Exposed Her Adult Film Career After Commenting On Video

Elsa Jean has revealed that her adult film career was exposed to her family by her uncle commenting on a video.
Credit: @elsajeanofficial/Instagram

Elsa Jean says her uncle exposed her adult film career to her family after commenting on a video. 

Jean, 26, whose real name is Sapphire Nicole Howell, worked at Starbucks before she began her career in stripping and then adult films.

At the age of 18, she made her debut on P***hub and became an almost instant hit.

Jean apparently managed to keep her career a secret from her family – until her uncle stumbled upon one of her videos and left a comment.

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Jean tells Holly Randall on the Unfiltered podcast: “I don’t know how [my mum] found out, probably other family members.

“I know at the very beginning… This is so sick but one of my uncles commented on my first scene on P***hub.

“So I think that set my aunt off and I think she was the one that maybe exposed everything, I’m not sure.

“But yeah, they found out quick.”

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Jean also reveals that she talks to her mother about everything, with the exception of s**.

She opens up about an embarrassing incident in which her mum found out that she’d lost her virginity.

“One time I wrote a note when I lost my virginity, like I love to journal and so I wrote a note about what had happened and my mum wrote a note back and said, ‘It’s OK, everything’s okay, I’m not upset or anything’,” Jean says.

“I was mortified that she knew I had s** so I can’t imagine talking to her about me shooting p***.”

Elsa Jean
Elsa Jean says her uncle exposed her adult film career to her family after commenting on a video. Credit: @elsajeanofficial/Instagram

In the comments beneath the clip on YouTube, some viewers have been left wanting more information.

One person writes: “I want to know what comment her uncle left!”

Another feels that she shouldn’t hold a grudge against her uncle for what he did.

They say: “Anybody could have ratted you out. Don’t blame your uncle. He might be the only supportive person in your family. You might need that.”

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Another p*** star who has had awkward encounters with family about her line of work is Australia’s Angela White.

She tells 7News that her father knew he ‘couldn’t stop’ her from going down the route of adult entertainment.

“When I told him, he didn’t really have much of a reaction,” White says.

“Maybe he had an inkling that it was what I was gonna do, or maybe knew he wouldn’t be able to stop me anyway if he had reacted negatively.”

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